Aug 5, 2015


Ohmygod guyssssss! It has been a WEEK! And I still can't move on T.T

I can't believe it was all OVER! Like, all the countdown and all. I still remember the moment they announce this WHOLE MADE thingy, the moment they announced their tour dates in KL, the moment of their first Concert in Korea (I streamed it LIVE), the moment of the Tix Launch kat Quill Mall untill the moment I REALLY SAW THEM RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY NAKED EYES!

I SAW THEM! I REALLY SAW THEM! SO FREAKING CLOSE! AAAAAHHHHHHHH Turn back the timeeeeee!! T.T I really really really miss them. Goshhh please T.T Come back.

Tskk tskkk. Okay, I'm calming down. So, this post is going to be SO FREAKING EXTREMELY LONG. You can skip to the concert moment tho. But I'm still gonna tell my experience from A-Z so yeah. Read at your own risk.

So! As we all know, BIGBANG had their concert here in Malaysia for TWO days! 24th and 25th of JULY. 24th is the additional show because of high demand. Cewahh.

So yeah, My tix was on the 25th show. But I still wanted to go for the 24th. Saje nak jalan2. That day was friday. Actually, few weeks before, aku dah kawtim with my VIP sisters nak go together and all so we had our plans. I knew them from twitter, Kak Aty and Kak Anim. I've mentioned them on my previous posts so yeah.

That Friday dorang gerak from Perak and the initial plan was all of us meet up kat The Mines. But something happened to their car and dorang kena delay their journey. So lambat sikit lah. Sepatutnya pepagi dah gerak. Memula plan nak lunch Seoul Garden, but sbb dah tak sempat, the plan was altered. Haha. Kitaorg jumpa kat Sunway Pyramid je. But still makan Korean Dish hehe.

Around 2, after prayer, abg hantar aku g Sunway. Akak2 aku tu dah smpai dulu. Lama lah jugak. Kesian dorang kena tunggu lama. Tapi aku tunggu lama jugak kat rumah. Haha. So yeah, sampai je Sunway, I went to the Avenue punya section to find the K-Street Cafe? Tah apa nama dia tak igt. And since aku tak pernah pergi situ, Kak Aty had to pick me up from Hinode shop. Hahaha. And yeah, that was the very first time I met her in real life. Haha, selalu bertweet and Whatsapp je. Same goes to Kak Anim. Dorang ni pun jadi friends because of BIGBANG. Tapi dorang dah kenal since GD punya tour kot? Yeah, lama lah jugak. Aku ni haa baru jadi geng. At first it was awkward but later tak sgt lah sbb selalu je borak2 fangirl kat whatsapp haha.

And for lunch! Ahhhhh finally I got to taste Tteokbokki! Rice cake! haha. Dah lama tauuu nak rasa. Akhirnyaaaa. haha. Aku makan Bulgogi Rappokki! Rappokki is a combination of Ramen and Tteokbokki. SEDAP! Banyak pun banyak. hehe. Ramen and Rice cake with bulgogi sauce. Oh and beef dia byk sgt! Puas gila makan. Worth it laaa for a RM20 meal. Nnti nak pergi lagi hehe.

Right, then after lunch, kitaorg plan nak g check in kat hotel dulu but since dah lambat, that time dah around 4:30pm, we decided to straight away pergi stadium. And ohmygod wehhh! JAMMED gila! Why? Cuz of the Liverpool game thingy kat Stadium Besar tuuuu! Ramai gila T.T Menyibuk jeeeeee haishh.

Stucked kat jammed around 2 hours jugak laaa. Semata nak parking. Last2 kena parking jauh nun kat kawasan seberang sana tu. Jauh lah jugak. Nasib baik ada parking lagi. That time dah pukul 7pm I think? And we walked lah together with the football freaks heading to the stadium. Ada lah around 10 minutes walking? Heh.

So yeahhhhhh, jalan punya jalan and when I saw the SUBWAY sebelah Stadium Putra tuuu, GOSH EXCITED GILA BABENG! Like BIGBANG is inside that stadium!! 24th punya show starts at 8:30pm so time aku smpai tu, VIPs baru nak masuk. Ramai lagi kat luar.

The first mission I did was, delivered my GIFT and LETTERS kat IME punya booth. Alaaa, I've posted before. I made these cute love letters for oppars and MJ Tshirt for Taeyang. Hehe. Bila dah masuk dalam box for each members, rasa lega. Hopefully sampai lah benda2 tu kat dorang. Hehe. Then, to the next booth cuz nak amik my consolation Prize for the Selfie Contest thingy. Haha yep, I won! Tak sia2 Manda and Anep tolong amikkan gambar time rehat kat office xD I got a freaking huge poster and this teddy bear? lol tak comel pun. But yeah, at least I won. Haha.

K then, the next mission is.... SHOPPING! muahahahaha. Mmg tu mission utama aku pun. Saje nak menyibuk on the 24th sbb nak shopping. Actually nak jenjalan and meet up with all the Korean fansites yang dtg and collect all their free postcards and slogans but aku smpai stadium pun dah lambat gilos, takde sape dah. So aku g shopping je lah. Rambang mata wehh. Bersepah org jual. Dorang takde booth that day sbb mostly yg booth, org2 yang jual barang2 bola tu dah bukak, so yg for BIGBANG, dorang jual kat lantai je. Berlapik lah of course.

Before going tu aku dah plan dah nak beli apa. Like mindset mmg nak shopping. Dah budget duit apa semua. Aku nak cari this specific punya baju but takde jual T.T Seems like kena beli official punya haihhh. But it's okay. And the first thing I bought was MADE Thirt. White color sbb aku nak pakai for concert the next day hehe. Lawa tauuu. Beli Tshirt tu sekali with MADE wristband hehe. Benda wajib lah wristband tu ^^ And all that for RM50. Pshhh Tshirt RM35 and the wristband RM15. Dah lah takde plastik haihh. Terpaksa sumbat dalam beg. Lol.

Kak aty and Kak anim pun beli jugak. Then Kak Aty suddenly stopped at one booth cuz she saw this MADE Tshirt yang ada nama member kat belakang. She wanted Seungri punya but dah habis. Aku usyar jugak sbnrnya. Tangan gatal je nak keluar duit and beli but then it's RM40 per pieces. And time tu aku dah lah confuse gila babeng tak tau nak beli sape punya. Either TOP or Daesung. I really really can't choose! I love them both so kitaorg blah je like that.

The next thing we were looking for was... The 'crown' yang pakai kat kepala tu. Ada lampu tau. Haha comel okay. We walked back to the Subway area nak cari crown tu but byk dah habis. Haishhh. Ada yang jual and bila tanya berapa, "RM20" Kepala dia. Ada yang jual "RM15" tapi yang tulis "BIGBANG" punya dh takde. Smpailah kitaorg terjumpa this one booth sebelah Subway. Ada crown tu but still "RM20". Mahal lah wehh. But nevertheless, I still wanted to buy it. Then I think amoi tu perasan that I was like berat hati nak beli and she was like "Eh why don't you buy this set? You'll get this beautiful bag, the crown, got MADE surgical mask, member's fan, photocards and mini poster. All for RM50." LIKE SERIOUSLY?! That's a freaking good bargain! Aku tanya laaa member mana punya fan yg ada and she was like. "There's only GD, Taeyang and T.O.P" Yassss! "Gimme the T.O.P one...!" Terus beli. Eh seriously wehhh it was a freaking good bargain! Beg dia sumpah lawa okay. Quaility pun best! Puas hati.

Hasil tangkapan first day ^^

And dalam kegembiraan aku tuuuuu, I feel bad towards Kak Aty and Kak Anim. They really wanted to but it too but economical issues. Alahaiiii aku senyap je takleh nak buat apa. Really2 feel bad but I can't do anything. Like I said, aku tak berat nak keluar duit cuz aku dah prepare awal2. Tapi dorang, dorang kena jaga budget. Nak balik perak lagi. Hmm. Lepas aku dah beli tu, kitaorg duduk kat tengah2 alam. Time tu dah gelap punn. Kak Aty and Kak Anim were still talking and thinking about it. Pastu aku ajak dorang duduk depan pintu entry tu and we sat there waiting for the concert to start dengan harapan, boleh dengar lah konon. Haha lama jugak lah tunggu... Dah lah stadium sebelah bising nak mati haihhh. Bising gila mmg payah lah nk dgr suara oppa.

But actually, time baru2 start tu, dapat dgr lah jugak. BANG BANG BANG and kitaorg yg kat luar ni nyanyi sekali part tu hahaha. Berharap gila that kitaorg dapat at least masuk kat corridor tu but haram jadah. EXCITED GILA dapat dgr suara dorang and omg I saw a glimpse of the stage masa dorang bukak pintu tu. Bapak ahh sumpah excited and teruja and everything! Nampak sikit je. haha.

Pastu Kak Aty ngan Kak Anim ajak balik... Sbb bukannya boleh dgr pun after dorang tutup pintu tu. Lagipun dorang dah penat.. Aku pun ikut je lah.. Haha kesiann. Lagipun the next day I'm still gonaa see them kan? Hehe. So yeah, we walked back to the parking area yang jauh nak mati tu. And Pak guard ada tegur kitaorg. "Tengok bola ke..?" And we were like "Taklah.." And he was like "Haishhh korang ni..." He said like that cuz he knew we were from BIGBANG. And like what is your problem? It's not like we did anything wrong. And sepanjang perjalanan ke kereta tu, all three of us talked about that issue. Yo people out there, not all KPOP related thingy is BAD okay?! Kitaorg tahu lahhhh jaga diri and all. Especially VIPs! Haishh. We are the modest fandom ever. Cewahh. Haha but it's true okay! Even our KINGS pun tahu batas2 and all. Kalau kat country lain, they will always let the fans touch them and interacted with them. But kat Malaysia, they didn't have any contact with the fans! Even the dancers pakai baju and seluar yang tutup their exposed skins! LOLOLOL they went that far! And guess what?! TOP fist-bump with a fan druing send-off. And it's a fanBOY! He only touched boys since they couldn't touch girls. They really respect our culture here okay. Now tell me BIGBANG is bad, I'll kick you right in the ass.

So yeah, after that we drove to Seri Kembangan cuz nak check in hotel. Itu je yg kosong. Yang dekat2 semua dah full. Kitaorg drive pakai WAZE semata haha. Kak Anim drive, Kak Aty jadi co-driver cuz she was the one yg tengok jalan apa semua haha. And aku kat belakang like a boss lol. Dah lah pasang lagu BIGBANG. Aku jadi macam entertainer lah kat belakang tu haha. Dapat je bilik, memasing penat. But we were all excited for the next day! Haha. So what we did, kitaorg kept scrolling twitter to read and tengok all the videos from that night's show. Time kitaorg smpai hotel tu, the show was almost over dah pun.. But scrolling made us all excited gila bapak for the next day haha. Masing2 prepare baju apa nak pakai semua hahaha. Excited ^^

Aku tak igt malam tu aku tido pukul berapa but nyenyak lah jugak. Hahahah time alarm bunyi paling tak boleh blahh. I was charging my phone on the table across our bed, my alarm dah lah lagu BaeBae part dorang jerit "Chapssaltteok" tu lol so masa alarm aku bunyi, aku terus tersedar. And the best part is, Kak Aty yg kat sebelah aku terus terduduk sbb terkejut xD Hahahaha aku terus bangun g off alarm tu. Kesiannnn terkejut xD

So the next morning, since aku dah biasa bangun pagi and scroll TL, I couldn't go back to sleep after terjaga pukul 7:30 liddat. Mmg takleh nak tido balik. It's D-DAY kottt! Gila apa nak tido?! hahaha. I kept scrolling tengok gmbar and video of last night's show smpai Kak Aty and Kak Anim bangun. Kitaorg plan nak gerak pukul 11 so around 9:40 aku yg gerak g siap dulu. Wuwuwuwuwu excited okaayyyy hehe.

Then, mmg around 11 liddat kitaorg gerak keluar. Singgah Aeon jap sbb akak2 nak beli botol for air since kat dalam stadium boleh bawak botol air sendiri je. Yang air mineral beli tu tak boleh bawak masuk but aku boleh je bawak masuk lol. Weirdo. And yes, kitaorg beli lah segala keperluan cehh. Mostly air je. And lunch sekali. Akak2 makan nasi ayam and me? I don't know why but hari tu aku takde selera langsung! Aku beli 2 jenis bread kat bakery sebelah tu and makan satu. Satu lagi simpan. Tak lapar langsung weh. Kkkk, lepas dah settle, kitaorg gerak to the stadium! Wohooo!

My beloved VIPs sisters :*

Luckily this time tak jammed. In fact, takde banyak kereta punnn. So we parked kat dalam, dekat sikit ngan stadium. Actually, I was rushing like crazy nak smpai stadium before 1pm sbb UTOPIA (TOP's korean fansite) start to sell their slogans at 1pm! So aku mmg berlari2 anak pergi depan Subway where they sell the slogans. Smpai2 je, aku nampak that korean unnie and said "Hye! Ummm you sell UTOPIA slogans right?" And she was like gesturing with her hands and said "Ahh wait wait wait..!" And aku malu jap kat situ cuz they were obviously tengah set up. haha. Ramai dah yang tunggu sebenarnya lol.

So yeah sementara dia tgh prepare all the photocards and all, aku nmpk org distribute free GD's slogan. Apa lagi, pergi lah amik huhu. And wehh lama pulak aihhh nak kena tunggu UTOPIA tuuu. They tweeted pukul 1pm but then cakap they'll start 1:30pm haizzz. Berjemur aku kat situ. Memula all of us yang nak beli ni just stand around the bench then that unnie (kakak in korean) asked us to line up ikut member. Ada tiga sekali jual. Taeyang on the left, TOP kat tengah then GD on the right. And I was like the FIRST in line for Tabi hehe.

Tapi sumpah mmg lama aku diri tengah panas tuu. Kak Aty ngan Kak Anim dah kemana tahh. LOL. Sambil2 tunggu tu ada borak ngan that UTOPIA unnie. She was like fanning herself and said "It's so hot..!" And aku senyum je saying "Yeah it's hot..... Are you okay..?" And she was like "Oh I'm okay" And she smiled. Lol. Kenapalah I didn't speak hangugeo with her? Simple sentence je punn haha. But this girl beside me spoke in korean with that unnie and she praised her. Untunglaaah haha.

And finally.... after 30 plus minutes, the selling starts! Hehehehe excited tau dapat beli slogans! This one pun aku mmg dah target. Actually aku nak beli semua member punya but memandangkan satu set RM70, hmmmm idok leeerrrr.. Disebabkan mahal sangat, aku nak beli TOP ngan Daesung punya slogan je but Dae punya takde jual T.T HIGHLITE (Daesung's korean fansite) datang Malaysia but dorang tak jual slogan sbb dah sold out! Haishhhh. Kangdot is another kfansite tapi dorang tak datang Malaysia pulakkk hmmm.. But jimat duit aku... LOL.

I bought TWO UTOPIA's slogan. Hahaha satu for me, satu lagi for my other TOP's stan, Kak Nini. Actually, she was the one yang sepatutnya belikan utk aku cuz aku takut lambat. Turned out, aku yang beli utk dia lol. Dia sampai lambat gilos. Kak Nini ni sape pulakk? Hahaha. Panjang ceritanya... Pada suatu hari... lol... Ada Kak Nini and Kak Zati ni.... Dorang ni just like me, TOP-biased. Top's stan laaa. We love Tabi the most. Haaaa gitu. Lol. Complicated sgt la cerita ni hmmm.

Kkkkk like this... A week before the concert, I saw Kak Zati (@Choizzati) tweeted saying she'll distribute free TOP handbanners on the 24th. And I was like why 24 jeeee? Cuz my con is on the 25th and being a TOP's stan, obviously aku nak handbanner tu jugak. So then I asked her, kenapa 24th je? And she said sbb takde sponsor. And BANG! Aku terus decide nak jadi sponsor tu cuz I really really really want that banner! And from there aku start kenal and rapat lah jugak ngan dorang. We have this 'TOP Handbanner Project' punya whatsapp and kitaorg bincang through there.

Semorang excited especially me cuz aku dapat involve in this project! Actually, banner tu tulis "TOP, Urin Jo-ah" in hangul and maksudnya, "Yes we like it, TOP". And you might be questioning, "Why that quote?" LOL. Sebenarnya for every concert, Tabi will always ask "YOU LIKE??" since that is his favorite thing to say these days. So our plan was to respond to TOP when he ask "YOU LIKE?" with that banner. Best kann?! It could be memorable!

But macam2 dugaan datang.... Yang first batch, 500 handbanners for 24th dah settle but the 2nd batch, 1000 handbanners for 25th tak sempat siap like wtf?! Alasan dia, cuz org semua sibuk raya. Padahal dorang dah janji boleh siap haishhh. Mmg bengang lah. I was quite disappointed sbb I joined the project for the 25th tapi yang siap 24th punya je. Aku keluar duit kott. Sape tak bengang? But I didn't marah them lah for sure sbb aku faham masalah tu.. Then Kak Zati and Kak Nini tried to calm me down. They said, they'll distribute on the 25th using the first batch and yang 2nd batch tu simpan for Tabi's birthday or something. Okay fine. I agreed.

Lepas satu, satu masalah datang. Like few days before con, Kak Zati said she couldn't come to KL. Parents dia tetiba tak kasi pergi concert! LIKE WEHHH?! How's the banners?! Dah lah kat Johor! And she couldn't come! Like pelik okay?! She bought tix for both days tau! In fact, ticket dia for 25th ada kat aku kottt! Sbb aku yang pergi meet up and amik kat reseller. Both Kak Zati and Kak Nini bank in duit dorang kat aku and I went to Putrajaya Sentral to do the deal. RM1000 was with me that time. Idk how they can trust me lol. But VIPs are trustworthy okayyy.

So yeah, back to the story... haishhh... That banner project was gone just like that. Habuk pun takde. Malu je akuuu cuz kat twitter kemain gempak promote lol. Nasib baik takde sape yg pertikaikan. Hahaha. Lantak lahhh. But bila fikir balik.... It could've been very memorable sbb country lain takde buat punnn! Huwaaaaa I really wanted it to work but takde rezeki hmmm...

Okay... tu cerita Kak Nini and Kak Zati... So where was I...? Hah! Okay, lepas dah beli slogan, aku jenjalan.... kumpul photocards and slogans haha. Dapat Taeyang punya, dua! One from SUNUS (Taeyang's Korean Fansite) and one from TaeyangMY (Taeyang's Malaysian Fansite) ^^ So aku ada Tabi, Taeyang ngan GD punya. Dae ngan Ri takde. Eh! But Ri punya aku dapat kat dalam stadium hehe. So Dae punya je takde T.T Hmmm...

So after jenjalan, cari Kak Aty n Kak Anim. Jumpa Kak Anim kat tangga. Haha port baik punyaa. View depan tangga tu pulak booth Hotlink. They have this event for hotlink users. They're actually giving Soundcheck Passes tapi kena amik gambar (skyfie) then kena register then kena post kat ig bagai pastu nnti dia pilih 30. Heh malas aku. But guess what?! It turned out that the first 30 people yang queue tu dapat! Maaaaaaaan! If only aku g beratur time tu, sempat sangat! But too bad I wasn't very clear with the instructions and all. Arghhhh ruginyaaaa! Kalau aku tahu, pergi je beratur then amik gambar! Pastu dapat soundcheck pass pastu boleh main ngan oppa T.T Takde rezeki lagi hmmm.

That time was around 2:30pm. We did nothing really. Lepak kat tangga tu sbb tunggu masa nak masuk stadium. Scroll TL, makan roti yang aku beli pagi tu, tu pun kenyang lagi. Aku risau jugak sbb takut lapar kat dalam. Payah nanti lol. So yeah, sambil tunggu2 tu, ada this lady bagi free TOP's little photocards. Aku kenal lady tu. She was one of the first in line masa ticket launch haritu. I guess she's the admin for MYTOP_871104 (TOP's Malaysian Fansite) Hihi happy sbb TOP handsome gilossss in that pic ^^

Right, so then around 3pm, the soundcheck passes winners dah kena masuk dalam. Elok je soundcheck start, terus HUJAN. Lebat kot! Kitaorg yang duduk kat tangga ni kena pindah naik atas sikit sbb terkena tempias. But tangga tu sbnrnya tempat queue for CAT4 and CAT3. Since Kak Aty and Kak Anim CAT4, okay lah for them to stay there. Aku ROCKZONE B kat tempat lain. So I waved them goodbye. Nasib baiklahhh aku bawak Raincoat time Justin Bieber punya concert haritu xD hahahahaha. If you read back my post for JB's concert, hujan jugak time tu and TUNE TALK gave us free raincoats. Nasib baik ada lebih and nasib baik aku bawak! Hahaha berguna jugak akhirnya.

Lama jugak lah hujan. Around 1 hour? Aku just stand at this one side. Nak queue terus tak boleh sbb RZB punya tempat queue takde bumbung. So yeah, lagipun aku tengah tunggu Kak Nini. Yep, dia baru nak sampai. Gila lambat. Well dia lambat sbb tunggu V, the girl who bought Kak Zati punya tix. And bila hujan dah renyai sikit, they finally arrived! Aku cecepat bagi dorang punya ticket and Kak Nini punya UTOPIA's slogan. Then she gave me my money then we go our separate ways since dorang CAT3. So that was how our first meeting went! Haha.

And I was all alone at this moment. The rain has stopped so we all started to fill in the queue spaces. Nasib baik kat tiket dah ada queue number so takde lah bersesak berebut bagai. Just queue ikut nombor then IME lepaskan line by line. So yeah, I did queue tapi rasa macam lambat lagi. So I went to the toilet. Which was quite faaaaaaaar! Tapi toilet ramai orang so I went to the surau. Nak betulkan tudung je pun. Lepas settle, I walked back to the stadium area. Sambil2 tu usyar all the booth again. Aku nak cari badges for my lil cuzie and lil bro tapi tak jumpa.

Last2 aku terjumpa Tshirt yang ada nama member kat belakang tu. Bukan terjumpa, mmg aku cari hahahaha. I asked for Daesung punya. That guy gave me tapi baju tu basah sikit sbb baru lepas hujan kan. So he said he'll give me discount lol. Aku still dunno nak beli sape punya. Then I asked for TOP punya, that guy said dah habis but when I asked the lady, she found it. The right size pulak tu hmmmm. Aku pun tengok lah baju tu sebelah2. Rasa bersalah sangat kalau beli satu je. So then aku pun tawar menawar lah kat situ. Haha. It's actually RM40 per piece. Then dia kasi discount RM70 for both sbb basah lol. Then I was like. "RM60?" "Tak boleh lah..." "Alaaa boleh lah.. Basah nii..." "Tak boleh lah sis.." "Boleh lahhh.... RM65? Okay? Please Please.." And he was like geleng2 lol. Igt aku ada masa ke nak layan? Aku rushing gila kot sbb takut org dah start masuk. Aku dah lah nombor 66. Line ke-4. So I was like "Boleh lah boleh laa please please please please please....." Mmg terdesak sgt and that guy pun was like "Okay lah okay lah. RM65.." YASSSSS!! Hahaha berjaya! RM32.50 per piece! Haha yayyyy Imma happy girl sbb dapat TODAE punya tshirt!

Dae 26 April, Tabi 04 November

I said my thanks and berlari ke tempat queue tu. Tengok2 line aku dah takda! OMG pastu aku tanya crew IME tu my number and he said "You can straight away go to the entrance" Fish! Berlari aku sbb takut terlambat. Dah lah serabut. Time lari tu laaa nak keluar kan tiket bagai. Sampai je kat entrance for RZB, aku tanya org yg tengah beratur tu nombor dorang berapa. 69! Then terjumpa this girl, Una ke nama dia? Lol she was with me time beli tiket haritu so her number was above me. Nombor 67. Phewwww lega gila nasib baik baru nak masuk.

Tapi aku sangat tak tenang. Like serabut gila lah dgn penatnya bagai. But penat tak habis kat situ. Right after they checked my tix, semorang berlari lari pergi to the zone inside. Weh aku berlari jugak wehh. Haha semangat nak dapat depan!! Jauh jugak lah lari turun tangga bagai pergh. Then bila masuk hall, the first row yang dekat dgn railing tu dah penuh. So aku cari spot baik punya. Near the center and I was at the 2nd row ^^ Not bad. Puas hati jugak lah. haha. Lepas dah pilih that position, aku minum air yang aku bawak earlier. Nasib baik boleh bawak wehh kalau tak, mati aku before the concert start lol. The girls depan aku semua tengah kecoh2 letak bag kat the opposite side of the rail and sibuk nak gantung their L.E.D fansigns.

Aku sebenarnya tengah penat lagi time tu haha. Serabut lagi. So I took time to relax jap. Try to think wisely what I need for the concert. Basically, My phone, My bro's phone (to record audio), crownstick and that's it. Aku keluarkan tu je. Slogan TOP tu aku tak pegang sbb leceh gila wehh. Mission aku nak enjoy and just record few songs so takde tangan nak pegang slogan. Kalau boleh, crownstick tu pun aku taknak pegang haha. Tapi gila apa tak pegang crownstick lol. So yeah, lepas keluarkan barang2 tu, aku suruh the girls kat depan aku to put my bag kat depan tu jugak. Kurang lah sikit beban.

So yeah, aku masuk stadium around 4:45pm liddat. And concert start precisely at 6:15pm. Satu jam aku berdiri wehhh. Tetiba lapar nak mati aduhhh. Tu laaa tadi taknak makan. Padan muka. Mmg lapar betul. Nak keluar balik, mmg tak lahhh. Sbb kalau keluar, tak dapatnya tempat aku tu balik. Org kat belakang dah penuh gilaaa. Berhimpit. Nasib baik tak panas sangat. And nasib baik aku tinggi sikit. And nasib baik org depan pendek. LOL. Tapi kesian this malay girl behind me. She was terribly short. And she was like behind me? Dude? Move laaah. Kau nak nampak apa je nanti? Aku nak mengalah? Sorry, aku bayar jugak okay :3

So yeahhh, sepanjang one hour tu aku buat apa je? Haha berdiri je lerrr. Nasib baik kat big screen dorang pasang BIGBANG punya MVs so tak bosan ahh. And bila each member muncul kat screen, their stans will scream! Haha. Bias. LOL. Not only BIGBANG punya MV. Ada solo punya jugak. Mostly GD and Taeyang punya. GD's Who You? Tae's 1AM, then ada jugak TOP's Doom Dada! Hehe handsome ^^ Fantastic Baby pun ada gak. And mostly we will sing along. Pastu kaaaan, time TOP punya rap part, the people around me semua senyap and I was like the only one rapping with Tabi like a boss! Hahahaha bangga okayy! Same goes to We Like 2 Party punya MV. Heh lagu tu lagi laaaah. Aku hafal dari mula sampai habis. And again, aku sorang je yg rap together with Tabi xD Malu sbnrnya tapi hmmm nak jugak nyanyi kahkah.

Around 6:00pm macam tu, they started to play 'MAD' punya mvs pulak. From Loser, BaeBae, We Like 2 Party, Bang Bang Bang and Sober. Tak silap aku, lagu Loser tu lain sikit dia punya video from the one they posted kat Youtube. Lain scenes. Kkkkkk lepas Sober habis, the stadium dah start gelap. They off the lampu and goshhhhh people got so excited!! Even me!!

Exactly at 6:15pm, the concert started! First, they showed us the MADE Tour trailer video which you can find kat Youtube but this one is a bit longer and the screams omg! And then they show the red screen introducing each member with 'Bang Bang Bang' punya intro. Started with Kang Daesung as Daesung, Dong Youngbae as Taeyang, Lee Seunghyun as Seungri, Choi Seunghyun as T.O.P and Kwon Jiyong as G-Dragon!

Then the screen goes black a bit and you can actually SEE THEM behind the screen omg! Then they showed full BIGBANG members while the screen seperated omg! All I heard was screams and it's like only screams! Aaaaahhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Gosh, I freaked out!! Seeing them for REAL! OMG!

Then the real song started! Dorang stood on this platform. Each one of them. GD on the far left, then TOP then Taeyang in the middle then Seungri then Daesung on the right. And they did their BANG BANG BANG dance! Exactly like their LIVE performances.

Tae: Malaysia make some noise!


So yeahhh I was really enjoying that moment. Tak record, tak apa. Sbb aku mmg nak feel that opening moment and seeing my oppars for the first timeeee! Kyaaaaaaaa! It was all real! I was waving my crownstick, jumping and singing along! Fuhhh besttt!

Then right after BBB, they sang TONIGHT! One of the oldies. This song, GD and TOP rap in english lol. But i was more familiar with korean punya ver but hearing them rap in eng is also cool! They danced and sing and move around lol honestly, I can't look at all of them at once! It's so hard to focus on each one of them. So I focus more on DaeDae and Tabi. Hehe. Ohhh! And if you know the outro for Tonight, Tabi will do this little talk with his deep raspy voice!

TOP: Tonight...... such a beautiful night...... -sigh-........ Goodnight...... *smooch*

I died hearing that LIVE! Goshhh sexy gilaaa hahaha. Kkkkk right after that, they sang STUPID LIAR!! My favvvv!! Haihhh you know, since it's my favorite, aku dah plan awal2 nak record this performance. But dunno what happened, HILANG. Eeeeeee geram gilaaaa T.T It was a perfect stage for me to record tauuu! Haishhh.. Sedih gilaaaa T.T Hmmmmm...

All five of them started the song kat Stage A,

Ri: Long time no see Malaysia!

There was a little GRi (GD+Seungri) moment at the beginning haha. Comel! Then not long after that, they seperated. GRi moved to the left moving platform, ToDae (TOP+Daesung) on the right moving platform pastu Taeyang kat Stage A. As the song goes on, the moving platform gerak to the center so dia macam bersambung ah. Gosh they were so close to meeee!

So then they kept moving places to greet all VIPs. ToDae and Gri changed places then Tae moved from Stage A to B Lol korang boleh bayang ke aku cerita ni? Hahahaha kalau tak faham pergi tengok youtube sana! Haha. Then as the songs reaching towards the end, all of them were on Stage B already! K ni sumpah dekat gila dgn aku! And they did my favorite 'Stupid Liar' dance! Best gilaaa! And wehhhh they kept waving to greet us and moved around. There's this one point where TOP was like RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Like really close and he was so damn HANDSOME! Wehhh It was so unreal like seeing the guy I always see on screen for real! Macam mimpi! Dah lah dekat nak mati T.T

Sebenarnya I saw all of them up close! Semua handsome wehhh help. Mcm tak percaya gilaaa. Aku kat situ dah macam apa haha. Kept waving and doing the heart shape haha. Rindu lah. The song extended a bit for them to run around and wave from left to right, right to left... then dorang naik balik to the moving platform kat tengah tu for talk session.

GD: Aye yo wassup Malaysia! I say wassup KL?! It has been a long time to come here.... Im G-Dragon... I'm happy to be back... So! Yo KL! Are you ready to party?! Are you ready to rock?! Then make some noise yall!!


Ri: Yo. Malaysia helloooooooooo~ ! Im Seungri! You guys ready to party?! 


Ri: Terima Kasiiiiiiiihhh~


TOP: Good evening Malaysia~ Long time no see. My name is Tee Oh Pee. Im so happy to be back here... Have a good night... Malaysia You Like?? You Like?? (See I told you!) *he did the heart shape*


Dae: Malaysia what's up??!!! What's up?!! Im Kang Daesung~~


Dae: Yo did you guys miss me?! I can't hear you.... Did you guys miss me??!!


Dae: Good!! I really really miss you guys... Im so happy to see you guys... Yeah... Please enjoy the rest of the show....


Tae: Ay what's up Kuala Lumpur?! Malaysia nice to meet you... You guys ready for the show?


Tae: You guys ready for the party?!


Tae: So you ready?! *He sang* One Two Three Go~~ Say Yeah~ Say Woohoooo~


Tae: Now scream!! Right let's go..

Then they sang HARU HARU. They went back to Stage A and sat on their chairs. Gosh this part was one of my dream! To sing Haru Haru along with BIGBANG! The whole stadium sang along and it was so beautiful! Best sangat. Rasa nak nangis pun ada T.T

So yeah, after Haru Haru ended, dorang semua hilang. Hilang? Haha they went down the stage thingy. G backstage tukar baju.... So during that time, they showed us another video. BIGBANG's Video. Mmg Tour punya video laaa. After BB punya, they showed TOP punya video! OMG video ni best gila! He was super hot! Tabi kan actor, so he did a monolog. An angry monolog. Mmg best gila like he was super good. His acting.... DAEBAK! And at the end of the video, he was like looking straight into the camera and pretended to shoot us. Wehh time ni HOT gila! Tak tipu. I died i think hahaha.

Then right after the video, the boys muncul at the back of Stage A with 'LOSER' mirror set! Yupp, they sang LOSER! Exactly how they perform kat music shows. Fuhhh bangga cuz dapat tengok that performance live cuz time Loser baru2 keluar dulu selalu tengok performance tu hehe.

Ohh time part Riri, his voice crooked a bit. Haha kesian.. Then Tabi punya part, He was in the middle and looking straight into the camera then Daesung came in with his angelic voice goshhh. Taeyang's voice too! During the bridge.. Powerful! Tapi kaaaaaan, aku tak dapat nak feel the end of that song sbb there's this freaking annoying security was like yelling in front of me trying to catch someone who brought in their monopod -.-' Bising gila wehhh! Aku nak dengar BIGBANG lah bukan nak dgn suara kau! Hishhh. Dah lah blocked view. Siot betul.

Right, after Loser, they sang BLUE! And bila start je lagu tu, everyone was like "Blue Blue Blue", reminding each other of the 'Blue Mission'. Haha. Telling people to turn off their lightsticks and the crown atas kepala pastu use the BLUE screen on our phones. People said it was a failure but heh, what I saw was different! Aku tengok belakang atas semua, lawa gila! Blue lights everywhere! Lawa sangat! Ditemani dgn suara BIGBANG yang merdu tu cewahhhh hahaha. Time tu dorang perform kat stage A with their own moving platforms. Gerak atas bawah. GD on the left, then Daesung pastu Taeyang, Seungri and TOP on the right. Hehe. Time member punya part, the stage moves up one by one. Eeeep beautiful!

Then habis je lagu tu, they were like....

Tae: Malaysia how you feeling out there?! You feel good?


Tae: You feel good?! 


Tae: Malaysia do you remember the last time we met?


Tae: I've been waiting for a long time to see you guys again... Malaysia is one of my favorite countries in the world... Yeah... So I want to ask, did you guys miss me...?


Tae: Did youuu?!


Tae: *Smiled* because I miss you guys A LOT! So.... All I want to say is.... I LOVE YOU... from the bottom of my heart... Thank you Malaysia.... I hope you guys have a good time until the end okay..? Thank you so much...


Ri: How you feeling now Malaysia?!


Ri: Yeah... where is my Malaysian VIPs~


*Ri did that hand gestures asking fans to scream louder*

Ri: You guys so lovely... Yeah... You know.... I always feel this when I come to Malaysia and today I feel like Malaysia will be even more incredible..! Yeah.... I love this place...! You guys are incredible! Such a BIG energy here in Malaysia... I love this place so much and I love Malaysia food~ You know I love nasi.... nasi goreng~ We love nasi goreng! Daesung you love nasi goreng right??

Dae: Yeah I love nasi goreng~

Ri: Yes.. He loves so much nasi goreng.... I love Malaysia weather... It's nice... I love Malaysian people~ How's my Malaysian fans?!


Ri: And... I love Malaysian Ladies~~~ Why you guys so cute Malaysia ladies?!?


Ri: Terima kasiiihhh~ So..! Tonight we have a lot of amazing stage... So please, enjoy the show thank you so much... Thank you...!


Dae: Malaysian ladies~~~ (he copied Ri's tone)


*Dae copied Ri's hand gestures* lol

Ri: Ayy you copy me..!

Dae: I love this place! (He imitates Ri again) *Ri laughed* Malaysia ladiessssss~~~ *Ri laughed again*

Ri: No.. I didn't... I didn't do that...

Dae: You did! You did that... *Dae copied Ri's hand gestures again*


Dae: Okay Malaysia!


Dae: Thank you!


Dae: Thank you! Thank you! Thank... You..! Thank you Malaysia! Thank you! But Im so sorry..! Saya... Tak boleh.... Nampakkkkk!

*SCREAMS* Gosh he was so cute!! His malay ain't that bad! Takde slang punnn! Kyaaaa comel!

Dae: Im sorry I really wanna see you guys but saya tak boleh nampak! 

*Ri and GD laughed*

Dae: Oh! Saya tak boleh nampak.... Oh! Cause my hair saya tak boleh nampak maaaaaan... Im sorry maaaaaan...... Okay....


Dae: Thank you! Thank you! Do you guys wanna see my eyes....?


Dae: Okay Im gonna show you... my BIG eyes...

*Ri laughed* We all know how small his eyes are haha.

Dae: Three.... Two.....  One.... *he flips his hair*

*SCREAMS* It was so quick so fans chanted *ONE MORE TIME!*

Dae: Okay do you guys wanna see my BIG eyes...?


Dae: Okay Im gonna show you... Three.... Two..... One.... *flips his hair but got hit by his necklace* Ouch....


Dae: Im sorry maaaaaaan~ thank you... I love you Malaysia.... *He bows*


TOP: Thank you for waiting for us...

*T.O.P! T.O.P! T.O.P!*

TOP: We really really want to come to Malaysia... Ummm.. And sing all out this songs for you... Kamu bagus?? Kamu bagus?? You Like???? I likeeee~ (he said that with his deep voice goshhh)


GD: Alright..! Ummm..


GD: Thank you... thank you.... Ummm for your information this is a... This is our world tour in Malaysia Day 2 right...?


GD: So are you guys having fun..?


GD: How much...?


GD: Thank you.... So...! I heard.... VIPs Malaysia can sing very well... 


GD: Then.... can you guys show me how to do it..?


GD: Can you do it huh...?


GD: Kay here we go.... *He started to sang Bad Boy's chorus

*VIPs sang along*

GD: Beautiful...!

Ri: We love you so much Malaysia VIPs..! Please put your hands in the air! Like this..! Lemme see your hand lemme see your hand!

And with that, they sang BAD BOY. Also one of my fav! Their groovy dance tu yang best! So yeahhh, after bad boy, they went backstage again...

And this time they showed GD's video. I can't really remember but there's this TV illusions thingy lol. Sumpah tak igt hahaha.

But right after that video, BIGBANG muncul in reds with mike stands for IF YOU! Goshhh they were so godly handsome! And lagu tuu... Huwaaaa! Sedap sangat! Dah lah TOP yang start lagu tu. He SANG weh! SANG! Not rap! Cair aku kat situ.. And Daesung also! He killed me with his voice T.T Taeyang too T.T The whole stadium sang together and you can imagine how beautiful it is.... Very very beautiful! You can watch it kat BIGBANG's official youtube channel. Cari MADE TOUR REPORT in MALAYSIA - IF YOU. Perghh I cried when I watch that T.T

So yeah... After that... They sang LIES. Fuhhh lagu legend! They sang while sitting on this elegant chairs. Actually kerusi tu selalunya dorang guna time perform CAFE but since dorang dah remove that song from the setlist, they used it for LIES instead. Not bad lah. Lawa je that performance. Especially Tabi's rap part. Legendary sangat! Ohhh LIES punya dance pun best tau! Gotta check it out hehe.

So after Lies, they went to change again... And this time they showed Maknae's (Ri's) Video! Handsome gila babeng! With his blonde hair acting like a rich kid fuhhhh HOT gila! And right after the video, STRONG BABY started to play. Now is their solo stages so started with Seungri. This song is such a sexy dance song haha. The set up was super cool. The screen and all...

And honestly, I was super impressed with this maknae (the youngest in a group)! Past the middle of the song, he came to Stage B to DANCE! Goshhhh He was super close to me and dancing?! Wehhh everyone behind me were like pushing crazily. Nasib aku kuat. But we were all dazzled by his awesomeness. Sumpah tak tipu. And I can see MJ in his dance lol. Inspired by MJ ^^ Tapi mmg best laaah that dance part. SALUTE!

Then habis je lagu tu, Seungri terus nyanyi lagu LETS TALK ABOUT LOVE! He sang kat Stage B then moved towards the moving platform heading to Stage A. Then bila part dia habis, he was like

Ri: Give it up for my man, G-Dragon...!!

And then GD came out rapping his part. Hahahah lepas tu kaaaaan! GD hugged Seungri! GD hugged him after Ri said "GD aku cinta kamuuuu!" OMG! Then they danced while singing and the fans went CRAZY!! Aku yang tengah record pun jadi gila cuz it was so unexpected! hahaha. Tak, actually there will ALWAYS be a GRi moment in every concert and selalunya these two will act macam nak kiss but kat Malaysia they hugged so tightly and dance! Something they never done before so yeah all the GRi shippers were super happy! Haha. Aku yang ToDae shipper ni pun happy, apa tah lagi GRi shippers ^^

Haha pastu Taeyang pulak came in to sing his part. Yeah, lagu ni lagu GDYBRi.. They were all so pumped up..! Asking us to sing together and jump and all.

Then after that, they went backstage and Daesung's video was shown. Video ni pun aku tak igt sangat cuz I was anticipating for Dae's Solo Stage! So macam tak focus sangat. I was really excited. And masa video tu was playing, VIPs kept chanting "KANG DAESUNG" smpailah lagu dia start and Dae was already on stage, high on the platform! He sang WINGS....!

And when the song started kan, I can see him smiling through the big screen! He was super cute and gaaaaah idk how to explain. He looks so happy! Maybe because he receive so much LOVE in Malaysia ^^

Haha but seriously tho. Tak sangka, Malaysia ramai Dae's stans! Im very proud to be one! Haha I really thought Malaysia ramai Taeyang and GD's stans... But turned out DaeDae lagi ramai fans ^^ And kesian kat Taeyang... Aku dapat rasakan yang dia jealous sbb Malaysia is his favorite country but Malaysian VIPs lagi sayangkan Daesung LOL. Kesiannyaaaaa. Tu yang after Indonesian concert, Taeyang post kat IG saying that Indonesia punya show was the hottest and the best bla bla bla. Tapi time Malaysia punya, dia tak kata apa punnn. Saje je nak buat kitaorg jealous. Tak guna punya Taeyang -.-'

Kkkk so back to Daesung's solo performance! He started the song with his powerful vocals! Wehhh his high notes is the best!! Meremang bulu roma iolls tauu. I can see that he enjoyed the show sbb he kept asking us to "Sing! Louder! Jump..!" Stuff like that lah.... Then when he started to move towards stage B, aku dah rasa semacam cuz he's gonna be so close to me! Omg he was super close to me, mmg depan je and he kept on smiling! Goshhh his eye smile! Serious wehh he never stop smiling then he became very cheeky time his dance! His butt dance. In front of me xD How can you expect me to not FANGIRL like crazy?! I was screaming and waving and everything! Nakal sangat dia tuuu! Haha comel. Pastu time climax of the song, ada paper fireworks! LOL gempak lah jugak. Then when the song finished, he moved back to Stage A and went straight to backstage.

My exact views ^^

The stage was very dark at this moment. And time ni, org sebelah aku was like "Don't push! Don't push!" Org kat belakang kept pushing and I almost loose balance. Kaki pun hampir kejang. But they refused to do so. Aku yang terpaksa tolak dorang kebelakang. Haihhh..

Then tengah sibuk2 tu, tetiba dengar suara TOP yang deep nak mati saying "YEAH..." indicating the intro of his solo song, DOOM DADA. I went crazy again! LOL obviously! hahaha. He started the song with the 'Long time no see' phrase. And everyone were singing along. LOL. Korang kena dengar lagu tu baru tahu... Gosh this guy, the best rapper ever lah weh. Even TABLO (Haru's dad) pun minat TOP gila gila. So yeah, he was wearing his colorful suit with his blonde hair, perfection! Plus, his rapping during this song was so powerful. After the bridge, before the climax, he walked on the moving platform yang dah disambung kat tengah. So he was quite close to me lah. And when the climax reached, ada fireworks gila kuat then he did his freaking FAST rap and the crowd went hysteria! Dah lah lighting gempak gila! Best gila doh! And I finally get to listen to his fast rap for real! One of my dreams too hehe ^^

And after that, the stage went off. Dark again. This time they showd Tae's video pulak. I can't remember this one as well but ada kena mengena dgn kereta and stuff. There were cars crashing then apa jadi tah haha. Right after that, Taeyang's EYES NOSE LIPS started to play. Kyaaaaaaaaaa I really wanted to hear this LIVE and it came true! Tae was just standing under the spotlight and delivered his song beautifully. Wehh best gila dohh suara dia! Just like how korang dengar kat radio or whatsoever, LIVE version is double triple quadruple BEST! Of course lah, he's the main vocal in BB kan, mesti lah best. Oh and the best part is, the whole stadium sang along with him. hehe. MYVIPs mmg suka menyanyi xD Hopefully dia teringat lah time dia datang for RISE Tour bulan Feb haritu. Flashback hehe.

So yeah, after ENL, Taeyang went backstage and GD came out doing his freestyle RAP (bagi masa for Tae to rest a bit). LOL sekejap je pun. Seminit lebih. Then after GD's fierce rap, the intro for GOOD BOY came on!!! PUTCHO HANDS IN THE AIR...!! HOW YA FEELING OUT THERE!! Wehhhh!! Another dream!!! To see GDYB (GD+Youngbae) perform GOOD BOY! hahaha. Lagu ni was like the song yang tengah HOT when I first became a VIP! Memories wehhh. Hahaha. They sang the song and when they reached the middle part of the song, they moved separately. GD went to the left moving platform and Tae went to the right side. This time i was recording and I focused more on Taeyang sbb they went the opposite sides. Cemana aku nak focus dua2 lol. But during the last dance part, they met in the middle which is right in front of me and they did their dance! Goshhh their body rolls perghh. Terbaik ahhh wehh. Ohh there's this part where GDYB being naughty. They were dancing and GD tapped Taeyang's butt hahahaha. Okay dah bye.

Lepas Good Boy, Tae went backstage and leave GD alone on stage for his Solo. And guess what? He performed the song that turned me into a VIP. He sang CROOKED! Aishhh mmg favorite lah sbb lagu ni was like very meaningful to me. Sbb lagu ni lah, aku start to listen and watch BIGBANG. Yes, it's GD's song. So what? Mmg aku start dgn GD pun dulu. Pastu baru jadi TOP-biased. haha. Pergi lah baca post lama bout how I became a VIP LOL. Lagu ni energetic sangat so I had fun jumping around and sang along with him ^^

LOL sorry Ji

And right after Crooked, Daesung was already waiting at Stage A with his DRUMS! Kyaaaaaaaa! I've been waiting for this!! To see my fav drummer boy!! He was super hot wehh! He played the drums with passion!! And the best part is when he was drumming, VIPs were chanting his name! "KANG DAESUNG! KANG DAESUNG! KANG DAESUNG!" Obviously I screamed his name too! haha and the chants fits perfectly with his drum beats pulak tuu! LOL, tak percaya pergi tengok Tour Report - Sober! Serious, aku mmg nak part tu masuk pun and happy gila bila boleh dengar that fanchants :D SOBER punya stage was super fun! Gempak gila lahh. The boys had fun, we also had fun! One of my fav stage.

Then after Sober, they went backstage again. And this time, dorang pasang BAE BAE punya MV. To give time for oppars to change clothes and rest a bit hehe. So then lepas MV tu habis, BIGBANG came out on stage wearing their official merchandise jacket all of them wore the black MADE jacket if im not mistaken.. So yeah, they sang BaeBae with that 'patung' they always performed with. Tak boleh buat ape lah. Benda tu prop dorang haha. Time lagu ni, dorang dah sempoi2 dah. Like tak rigid sangat.

Then after lagu dah habis, dorang repeat the "Chapssaltteok" part for us to sing together. They were like

Ri: Drop the beat Bennie! Sing it together KL!


BB: Louder!!

Ri: Show me your move!

*Gunghabi~ Uri uri gunghabi~*

Tae: One more time.. Sing it for me now~


Lol this time, they were swaying and singing. Especially Daesung xD His dance so cuteee!

Ri: Make some noise KL!!


Tae: Yeah... So Malaysia! I have a question for you all...

GD: What..? Stay classy man....

Tae: You guys know what Chapssaltteok means?


GD: I hope you guys know it..

Tae: What is that?!


Tae: *he took out his earpiece* What is that?!


Tae: Yeah...

GD: They already know..

Tae: Yes, it is... It's rice cake....

*GD giggled*

Tae: But! it also means we are perfect for each other...


Tae: So it means, Malaysia VIP and BIGBANG, we are perfect for each other...!


Tae: Aight.... CHAPSSAL- *he started to sing expecting us to continue (konon perfect lah)* 

*TTEOK~~~* and we sang that part once again. Haha.

Tae: Thank you.. You know... We have a lot more songs... and.... an album coming this year...


Tae: Did you know that?


Tae: Did you know that?!


Tae: So please please.... be excited okay...?


Tae: Thank you....


TOP: Hello Malaysia....


TOP: The show is almost done....


TOP: Yeah... Thank you for coming today... I really really love you guys... Be safe and we'll be back soon... *he mumbles in KOREAN* 

He said something in korean because that line was not scripted! He said it right from the heart but the problem is..... I DON'T FREAKING UNDERSTAND! Huwaaaa I've been asking people to translate it but sorang pun taknak translatekan T.T Siot. But from my little knowledge, i think he was saying something and praising Malaysian fans for our amazing singing? Hahahaha memandai je but GOSH SERIOUSLY IM DYING TO KNOW WHAT HE WAS SAYING!!!! Tolong laaaaaahhhhh T.T Yang aku tahu, Kamsahamida... Kamsahamida... LOL. BUT! I was extremely happy that I got to hear him speak korean! Sexy dohhh. He was the only one yang speak in Korean. Yang lain semua berlagak speak english. Hahahha. Kkkkk sambung...

*** Guess what?! I finally found someone who was willing to translate what Tabi was saying. A korean fan helped me with it.. Credit to @UTZUMIand1104 on twitter! Teka laaaah dia cakap apaaa?! Hahahhaha macam bangang! I thought he was praising us but heh.... He said this in korean....

TOP: I know that many kVIPs (korean VIPs) came to Malaysia... *FANS SCREAMED* Are the voice of the people who scream now Koreans? Thanks for coming....

HEOL! Geram gila aku. I was super excited for nothing! Hahahaha bongokkk. Boleh pulak dia cakap pasal kVIPs... LOL. But mmg ramai pun yang turun. Most of the Kfansites turun... UTOPIA unnies were there too so maybe dia perasan that's why he said that... Then after that he was like...

TOP: Thank you so much Malaysia.... I LOVE YOU!! *He did the heart shape*

*SCREAMS*  Siot betul! The camera was like zooming on him while he did the heart thingy pastu boleh pulak dia WINK! Mampus aku kat situ. LOL. Handsome sangat T.T

Kkkkkkk, at this moment, kan camera tengah zoom kat TOP, So Daesung was like looking at the big screen and waited for him to showed up on it xD

Ri: Ohhh sexy Daesung~

Dae did the heart shape while looking straight into the camera. Then he winked sexily! LOL bongok ah dia ni xD He was teasing us so bad... hahaha lawak..

Dae: Hey Malaysia...


Dae: I can't hear you... Malaysiaaaaa~


Dae: I love you maaaaan..... I love you Malay-she-ya...... My mother loves you guys...

*Ri laughed*

Dae: My uncle loves you guys...

*Ri laughed again*

Dae: My... My.... Not father.... My GRANDFATHER loves you guys...


Dae: And... WE LOVE YOU.....


Dae: Thank you... Thank you for coming today... And.... And I can't wait to come back.....


Dae: I love youuu~ (He said this sexily lol) *He did the heart shape and teased us again*

Ri: Please show me more... Please show me what you got Daesung... Please... Sexy.... Please... Show me your sexy....

And Dae did as told. He was doing something hahaha korang kena tengok video tu baru faham. Aku nak cerita kat sini pun nanti korang fikir lain xD


Ri: Alright KL! Did you guys having good time tonight?!


Ri: 3rd floor and 2nd floor did you guys have a good time tonight?!


Ri: You guys was Amajing... (yep he pronounce it like that xD) I wanna say... Malaysia VIPs you guys the BEST!!!


Ri: Yeah... I love you guys... You guys' energy is incredible... So thank you so much....

*SCREAMS and VIPs were chanting his name. SEUNGRI! SEUNGRI! SEUNGRI!*

Then he did the sad face. More like terharu lahh haha comel gila..

Ri: You know... I don't wanna go back to my home man... I wanna stay here more time WITH YOU GUYSSS!!


Ri: Hey manager!! Change the flight..! I don't wanna go back!


Ri: Yeah... So uhh... You know... I love you guys so much uhh... I make this song last night... I write this song for you guys... So uhh.. I write this song for you guys... Malaysia.. My fans... VIPs.... It goes like....

*Ohhh Malaysia Malaysia~ Ohhh Malaysia Malaysia~ I wanna kiss you baby wanna hug you~ Ohhh Malaysia Malaysia~* 

LOL he sang with that lyrics! It was quite funky! You gotta watch it! He was so freaking FUNNY!! GD, Tae and Dae were dying of laughter xD

Ri: Thank you so much Malaysia VIPs! I love you so much! *Then he was giving flying kiss then he slapped himself lol*

Riri sumpah lawak and comel. Uri Maknae ^^ He was so hyper an GD was like trying to stop him but oh well, who can stop the maknae? Haha.

Ri: I love you so much! I love you so much! I love you bro! (pointed to a guy) Yeah! I don't know you but I love you bro! Yeah!


GD: He's amazing.... Give it up for him.... (pointed towards Riri)


GD: Thank you... So....!! So how was the show today?


GD: You guys like it...?


GD: You guys enjoying it...?


GD: Lovin' it...?


GD: Cool... But~~ We only have... one song left...


GD: Yeah...

Ri: Noooo GD! Nooo Please....! Don't stop it give us more~ (Ri was imitating VIPs) No...! Get your crayon~~ LOL Ri LOL xD

GD: Umm... I just wanna say thank you for coming today and... always showing us so much love.... and supporting us... and coming to our MADE Tour.... Thank you so much....


GD: So far we've released album M, A, and D... but we still have......


GD: That's right... That's right.... actually... actually... in Korea... Me and TOP was shooting for... album E... I think we did a great job so... and one another song is... you know... BIGBANG song... It's gonna be amazing so make sure you check it out and don't miss out okay..? Thank you... So... Today is our last show... in Malaysia right...?


GD: It's gonna be.... last song... right?


GD: I just wanna ask... What are you guys doing right now..? Stand up...!

Ri: Please stand up 2nd floor 3rd floor!

GD: Stand up..! 3rd floor... 2nd floor... everybody.... stand up......

Thanks to GD that he asked everybody to stand up! Cuz im hella sure orang yang kat atas tu semua terseksa nak berdiri jugak! Cuz there are some of them (non VIPs) yang sangat2 pasif and they just sit there like a zombie and kesian gila kat Die Hard VIPs yang nak stand up and enjoy but tak boleh because of those people -.-' That is one of the MAIN REASON why I didn't buy the seating zone... Cuz I've been there! Like terseksa jiwa dan raga wehh! You wanted to stand and dance but kena control! So that's why aku beli Rockzone terus. Puas hati. Lagi2 concert BIGBANG. Gila apaaaa nak duduk diam woii?! haha memang tak laaaah.

GD: Okay... Yall ready...??!?!?




GD: Here we go... FANTASTIC BABY!!


So yeahhhh!! They sang the VIPs anthem lol! Lagu tu tersangat lah legend. They've been singing that song for THREE YEARS straight! Everywhere! Lama gila hahaha. Smpai lah MADE keluar. So yeahhhh I was super happy that I got to hear that song LIVE and the best part is, I achieved my dream! To rap TOP's part together with him!!! Hahahaha. Happy gila! Like I said, orang lain semua senyap and screamed while me, aku sorang je yang rap with Tabi that part! Feel totally like a boss! Hahaha.

Oh oh oh oh oh!!! Guess what happened??!?!?! There's this one moment yang aku igt sampai bila2 during Fantastic Baby! Goshhh seriously. I wanna thank Maknae for saving MY TODAE from something really really bad! You know, TOP and Daesung were standing really close to the fireworks and they didn't realize it. So first, Seungri saved TOP by pulling him back a bit then when he saw his Daesung hyung, he quickly ran towards him and hugged him from behind while pulling him back and by that time, the fireworks went off! Goshhh gilaaaa laaaaa! What if Seungri wasn't there?! What will happen to my TODAE??! Ishh memang benda tu aku nampak jelas with my eyes. Didn't record it sbb time tu phone aku dah mampos T.T But ishhh gila lah wehhh. I couldn't imagine if something happen to Tabi or Dae. Or any of the boys.... Dah byk kali ada case like that haishhh. They need to get rid of those fireworks, really. Aku mmg takkan lupa what I saw that night. Maknae was so cute saving his hyungs... Comel sangat and Im very thankful to him for saving my TODAE.

And one more thing! Time Fantastic Baby ni.... Daesung ada datang Stage B and wehhh I SWEAR! He was like smiling at me!!! Wehh betul tak tipu! With his eye smile gaaaaaaah! Betul wehh. He was looking at me then smiled! Tak lama laaaa of course. Like 3 seconds like that? LOL but that fact itself already makes me HAPPY! Huwaaaaa RINDU DaeDae :'(

Kkkkk so after FB, they went backstage and it was all dark. So MYVIPs work on our Encore mission. Which is....? Nyanyi We Like 2 Party LOL. Okay, it was total SUCCESS! Tapi kelakar hahahaha. Nyanyi chorus dia ulang2. Tak rasa kelakar ke? hahaha lantak lahhh.

Then not long after that, BIGBANG came out again to sing WE LIKE 2 PARTY! Wuhooo! This time mmg encore lahh. Like fun fun gituuuu. Sempoi2 je... Tabi was wearing a bathing robe? Haha yang lain aku tak igt depa pakai apa. Pakai baju lah of course lol.

After that song finish, they were all so hyped! Ri kept screaming "Saya Cinta Kamu!" Then they asked us to sing the chorus again. Accapella. And we sang of course.

Ri: KL! Thank you so much! Saya cinta kamu!!

Tae: One...Two...Threee Let's go~

Then the band started to play some music for Tae to introduce them.

Ri: Thank you so much!

Tae: Malaysia! Did you guys have fun?! Did you guys have a good time?! *Smiled*


And at this moment, Seungri was at stage B, in front of me and he was taking out his MADE jacket and teased us like he was gonna throw it. And he DID! Aku try nak amik but lol Ri baling jauh kebelakang so mehh forget it. Hahaha but orang yang dapat tu said that Ri smells so SWEET! Like candy!! Haishhh nak jugak T.T Ri dah lah comel! Pakai topi panda!! Hihi. Seungri is our panda ^^

Then, Tae did his job to introduce the band... He started out like...

Tae: When I say BIG, you say BANG~ BIG-


Tae: BIG-


Tae: When I say Mali, you say Sia~ Mali-


Tae: Mali-


Lol lawak gila part siaaaa tu xD

Tae: Now.... Lemme introduce you our band, THE BAND SIX!! Ready?! First.... My man keyboard.... Dante....!

Dante played the keyboard being the attention. Ri was right next to him, menyibuk hahaha.

Tae: Next! Guitar... Justin....!!

Now Justin were playing his guitar... Ri still menyibuk. Haha this time he held Justin's leg acting like he's playing a guitar and that guy almost loose his balance xD

Tae: And next..... Out music director.... Gill.....!

Then that was the time for Gill to shine! haha.

Tae: Next... Bass... Omaaaaaaar......!

Hahaha ni tak boleh blahhh. While Omar played his bass, Ri menyibuk lagi! This time he sang a bit of BILLIE JEAN!! MJ MUCH?! hahaha.

Tae: Kay next.... Drums.... Bennieeeee.....!

Bennie played his drums... I believe Bennie is the one who helped Dae a lot with his drumming. Nawwww cute. Kkkkk then...

Tae: And let me introduce our dancers.... Hi-Tech.....! 

And the boys came out and do their dance.

Tae: And our female dancers..... Crazy.....!

The girls came out and one of them danced sexily lol.

Ri: Give it up for my dancers~

Tae: And I'd like to thank all the staff behind us and most importance.... Thank you for coming Malaysia VIPs thank you so much!

Ri: Malaysia VIPs we love you so much!


GD: This is.... We are.... BIIIIIIIIG......


Then they gathered at the center of Stage A and Tae was dancing and he did MJ's moves! Goshhhh that oppa really loves MJ! I really hope he receive my MJ Tshirt for him......

Ri: Thank you so much Malaysia....!!

Then they gave us flying kisses and waved and everything then they went behind the screen as it slowly closed... Just like that.... Camtu je habissss goshhh. Pastu kat screen ada keluar all those credits and BIGBANG dah hilang T.T Huwaaaaaaaaa.

So after the show, ramai yang keluar terus... But ramai je yang stay.. Aku stay kejap cuz nak relax and rehat. Wehh penat wehhh. Lenguh segala benda! Tangan especially cuz byk record. Fuhh... Aku relax2 jap and borak a while with the girl beside me... Then we took pictures.... Then I got a call. From Kak Nini.

She asked me where I was... Sbb actually kitaorg dah janji nak jumpa after concert sbb Kak Nini nak bawak aku pergi send off event! Hahaha Illegal punyaaaaa. Send off event tu macam hantar BIGBANG masuk kereta. There were a bunch of people yang dapat that pass. But kitaorg yang tak dapat ni, pergi illegally. Haha. Kak Nini dah pergi yang the day before so that day she promised to bring me along and she did!

Time aku smpai tempat tu, dah ramai daaaaah. Dah lah extreme gila tempat tu! Kena turun bukit gila curam! Nak pergi kat pagar tu, kena turun that bukit. So demi oppa, semua benda sanggup! Nasib baik takde pape jadi... So yeah, masa kat pagar tu, nak tunggu BB keluar punyalah lama. Ada dalam 1 hour? Sbb Con habis around 8:30pm... Pastu tunggu punya tunggu, 9:30pm baru dorang start keluar! Lama gila wehh aku dah lah penat. Tapi gagahkan diri demi oppa Lulz.

Tinggi kan? We turun from there.

Depan sekali kereta Tae and Dae, Tengah kereta Ri and Ji and belakang kereta Tabi

The people inside started to scream like crazy when Tae, Dae and GD started to walk out heading towards their car. Kitaorg yang kat luar ni pun jerit jugakk. Haha menyibukk. Then few moments later, Seungri pulak keluar... We chanted each member punya nama so yeah... The last one to come out was.... Tabi. Tah apa dia buat lama sangat hahaha. Then after semua dah masuk kereta, they drove off straight to KLIA sbb dorang punya flight back to Korea was that night jugak.

Tah pape! No wonder lah Concert was quite short! Dah lah encore satu lagu je! Kalau kat country lain, at least 3 lagu encore! Dorang rushing sangat! But aku ada dengar cerita that time encore, IME (the organiser) was like asking BB to end the con earlier but BB members ignored them! Awwwww sweet gilaaaa okay!! Oppa Saranghaeeeee!! ^^

Kkkkkk after BB dah blahhh, aku jumpa Kak Aty ngan Kak Anim balikkk. Haha, we talked and shared our experiences! Best sangat! But sambil jalan nak balik kereta tu, beli air bebanyak sbb haus gilosss. Then, we drove back to out hotel. Nasib baik tak jauh sangat. So yeah, smpai2 je, kitaorg terus g mamak kat sebelah tu, order makan. Kebuluran memasing lol.

Then malam tu takde apa sangat. Eh yeke? hahaha. Banyak scroll TL tengok gambar and video, pastu aku tengok balik video2 aku record and immediately rindu oppa sesangat T.T Aku tido lambat jugak lah that night... Even penat, aku tido lambat jugak. Maybe sbb hyped. But mmg bila dah habis con then balik hotel, rasa EMPTY sangat. Zero. Nothing. But obviously laaa aku had fun! BEST GILA GILA GILA and I will forever treasure that night!

Then the next day, memasing bangun lambat haha. Padahal nak check out pukul 12. Lulz. Guess what? Sambil2 siap kemas bagai tu, ada MCountdown kat TV! And kebetulan tu episode yang BIGBANG menang! Hahaha. So yeah, we ended our two days BIGBANG weekend with BIGBANG's performance! BANGBANGBANG and WL2P! Pastu dorang dapat award tuuu. LOL.

So yeahhhhhhhh.... That's how my BIGBANG EXPERIENCE went!! PANJANG GILA NAK MATI! Aku update entry ni tiga hari berturut-turut weh! The longest entry I've ever done...! Haha tapi this is for my own reading jugak nanti... hehe... Hope you guys enjoy it cuz I DID!! ^^

Oppa, Thank you for coming down here.... After 3 years, you guys finally came back as OT5. Im very happy that I got to experience all this MADE tour and seeing you guys for the first time, probably one of the best moments in my life...! I'll be waiting for you guys so please please please come again soon!