Aug 13, 2013

One Direction Thanked Me :')

Hey guys! We just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of you for the support you’ve given us in the past three years. We’re amazed at the dedication and love you’ve shown us and want you to know we really appreciate how much you put into coming to shows, buying our music etc. We hope you know just how much you’ve changed our lives. The 1D fandom really is the best fandom EVER. Thank you for everything - we couldn’t have done it without you.
Louis :) x Zayn :) x Nialler xx Harry .xLiam – Xxx

Omg . Terharu gilaaaaaaaa doh :') It's a message from them . THEM , personally . 

Okay , fine . Maybe it's not for me directly . But . . but . . It's for me too ! Imagine them write something to me . gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh i'll cry . of happiness . hehe .
Ohhhh , yesterday the boys attended the TCAs in Los Angeles before they have a break from their tour . And guess what ? For each category they were nominated for , they WON ! wooohoooo ~ There are four of them . Congrats Boys !

And . . . and . . Harry won both category he was nominated individually . For Hottest male ? and one more i can't remember . Yup , Just him . And guess what ? When his name was called , he refused to accept the award on stage . Why ?? Cuz he don't wanna go up the stage without the other boys . nawwwww :') Probably he received his award backstage .
So . . . the american league of the tour has ended . They'll have a break and continue touring in Australia . Then the Take Me Home tour will be over . And they'll start a new STADIUM tour called the Where We Are tour next year starting in the UK . obviously . And they said this tour will go BIG ! Hopefully they'll come to MALAYSIA ! and i'll be here, waiting.

I'll wait for you boys :')

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