Oct 14, 2013

Sleeping With One Direction

Haha heyyyyy buddy ! :D

Guess what guess what ?! Okay fine . Take a look !

Woop woop ! cool isn't it ? omg i was super excited ! bought it with Naddy's Shop Lot . I trust her weyy . I mean , that's where i bought my 1D bracelet . and im very satisfied with it . hehe .

So , when i came home few days ago , i was so happy and excited to see that my parcel from the UK has arrived :D haha . I dunno , but i love it that way . It's like a homecoming present from me , to me . hahaha .

I can't stop staring at em . i mean , they're so cute and cuddly ! gahhhh i love it so much . Ohhh , and im expecting one more parcel from the UK . wanna guess what it gonna be ? Well , it's a vial of Our Moment , 1D's perfume . LOL i know , you think im crayyy right ? but idgad ;)


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