Jun 5, 2014

1k Reads On My Book!

Omg hye peeps!

I just gotta update this haha . Look !

Click for better resolution :3

Crazy right ?!

I mean , I never thought I'd reach a thousand reads , man ! In just like a month ! My previous book which I  already stopped writing only have like 300 reads . In what ? Like more than a year ! haha So this MJ Fantasy book is really an achievement for me ^^

Gaaaah Im so happy ! Hahahaha really . But the sad thing is , Im gonna start my new sem pretty soon . That means I won't be able to update that much :( Hmmm hopefully it will still be discovered cuz nobody ever done this kind of book of MJ yet . I've found tons of 1D's but none of MJ's where all the cute scenes being compiled in one book ! hehe

But please , if you're not into all these kind of thing , just ignore it . Nothing special punn :3 haha . Im just doing this for the record of my life . Peace yaw !


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