Dec 7, 2009

1. If you can be an animal, what will u be? Why?
aku nk jdi burung . leh terbang mne2 je aku nk pegy .

2. If you robbed a bank, what do you want to do with the money?
hahaha ! pe lgi , g derma kat anak yatim lahh . . !
hahahaha . XD

3. If you can teleport yourself anywhere in the world, where do you want to be? why?
aku nk g , neverland ranch . . ! everything is there . . !

4. If you know that you are dying, what is the last meal that you want? why?
nk mati p0wn sempat mkan ker ?
haha .

5. If you can only kill one person in this world, who is the person? why?
hmMmM . kau nk ?

6. If you can choose either to have more than 24 hours a day or can live more than 100 years, what is your choice? why?
hMMmM . due due bley ?

7. If you can date celebrities, who is that person? why?
hmMmM . channing tatum and j0hnny depp . . ! H0t H0t H0t . . !

8. If you can only have 1 thing in this world, what should that be? Why?
ilmu . leh wat mcm2 ngan ilmu . kan ? kan ? kan ?

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