Mar 30, 2011

sweetness of a guy ;)

hey . wazzup peeps ! especially SONIAA .

so , i just came back from debate meeting . lepas skolah je , terus meet kat library . nsib baik sejukk . haha . k . then sir taufeeq said something bout the debate . like who's the goverment n who's the opposition . n sir just lantik mita as our 'team manager' . *tak pernah dibuat org . haha . but its cool lahh .

then , when i told sir that i have koko at 2.30 . he said that its ok . i have pelepasan . then bla bla bla . actually , kat sebelah meja kiteorg , ade satu meja yg penuh ngan cikgu2 perempuan . ade meeting kott . then , i asked mira mat luwi , "tu ke cikgu kita?" while pointing to this ine teacher .  pstu , mira mat luwi g ckap kat sir tu lahh ckgu persatuan kteorg . then , he was like telling that lady teacher that me n mira ade debate n cannot join koko for today . mita's teacher punn ade kat ctu . so , sir taufeeq g kat cikgu tu n tell bout this thingy . awww , so sweet . he was like our dad . haha . *jgn fikir lain auuu :D

so , we try to find our points within the tajuk "single sex school is more efficient than co-education school " . kalau korang ade any idea , sumbang2 kan lahh eh . ;) heeeee .


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