Mar 1, 2011

you're just JEALOUS aite .

I'm a hater of Justin Drew Bieber. Don't ask me why? Cause I'm gonna tell you thaaaat later. Well, listen to me people out there. Hey, what's so special about Justin Bieber. ANSWER ME. I bet no one could ever answer tht question until the world ends, I know. Why are all the girls obsessed with him? Hello, he's GAY, don't you feel disgusting? Ee, growwls. Yucks! I don't get it. You human, people, animal, whoevr you are, WHY DO YOU LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER? Trust me, Greyson Chance is better than me. Seriously, jyeaaah! So, here I am, I'm gonna reveal the truth about Justin Bieber. Technically, he's just a normal guy as you can see. Nthg is special about him. I knw, he's an artist but a NOT talented one. Thnks :) His songs sucks, all of them! People, open your eyes wide and wake up from your imagination. NOTICE IT! About his songs, I just wanna kutuk sikit. You don't mind aite? Let's start shall we?

1st : I Need Somebody To Love . What's the point of tht song, people? Oh come'on, try to listen to it. Could you evr believe how blind are humans are? Hello, it's the most stupid song I've ever heard in the entire universe! Pleaaaase. Do you have to tell the whole world tht you desperately want a girl? Hahahaha, go get one yourself nigga. I knw, no one wants you. Awwwww, how pity is tht. Being ditch, no one wants you, everybody hates you. Just face the fact dude.

2nd : Baby . And I was like baby baby, OOOOO. Baby baby, NOOOO. Hahaha, wht's the point of it dude? Ouch, you've been ignore. No one want you :P Hey, I've got smtg to ask ya. Don't you ever feel ashamed of yourself or embarassed singing all those songs which are all about how desperately you want girl BUT in real life, you don't get evn one? Ouch. Pity youuu, man.

3rd : You Smile I Smile . Sooo whaaat? Hahaha, what a nonsense song you've got bieber. So, tht song. Wht does it mean? Oh yeaaaah, I get it. You mean tht you will sacrifce anything just to be with tht girl and you'll follow anything your beloved gf does. Wow, how impressing is tht ey? So, if she FART, you'll fart? Oooolalala, haha. She puke, you'll puke? She die, you'll die? If she has boobs, you'll do one too? How interesting is tht ey? :P Eeee. So, I suggest tht you should make a new title for tht song which is -----> You FART I FART :)

4th : Never Say Never . Dude, you just said the word NEVER twice and now you're asking us to not say never at all? What the hell. Are you the judge? Do you have to rights to judge people? NO rght? So, baaack of you old gayber!

Tht's all for the songs, I knw it's just lil but hey, I'm lack of ideas now. I'll write it later ey? Before tht, YOU dating with old woman, older HOT CHICKS? Muahaha. Please dude. You knw what, you should just date an old grandma aged 90 years old. Tht's better. We'll pray for your peace for you and the grandma as loong you can stop being such a fuckingretard gayber. Thnks, tht's all. I did make this thing by my ownself, know it k. Hihii.


Hazie. Forever hate JUSTIN DREW GAYBER :)


Omb , that guy talk like shit mann .
first of all , why does he have to bother about JUSTIN BIEBER ? -.-' . HELLO , he's not gay . well , u already proove it urself . kalau dia gay , why does he date a GIRL huh ? think before u type lahh dude . haihhh .
andd , u know 4 of his songs . CONGRATS (: . haters takk kann tauu any song punn tauu . but u know four of it . good job . -.-'
what for u kutuk lagu2 tuu ? takde faedah lahh bro . ITS JUST A SONG okey . nothing to do with him punnn .
one word for u haterssss , JEALOUS MUCH . waitt . thats two word . whatever lahhh .
Justin Drew Bieber . don't u know how to spell it right ? LOL . pitty u . go back to school (:
no matter what , I'll love you forever bieber .
*sorry if anyone hurts with my words (: