Jun 8, 2011

Reliable Justin Bieber's Tshirt business :D

yeahh mannnn !

remember the tshirt i've been talking about lately ? yeapp . i bought one from Amanda . n i've recieved it JUST NOW ! whoaaaa right ?

im so happy cuz all my wish upon justin bieber has acomplishd . haha . having his tshirt , merch , posters , see him perform , watch NSN in 3D , his acoustic album n that free notebook :p actually , there's two more thing i want . his First step to Forever book and that JUSTbeat headphone . dayuummmm . how am i gonna purchase all that ? haha . just never say never ! :D

so , the tshirt . wanna see it ? well , it's the same design i've shown you guys . wanna see it again ? fine .

taraaaa . cun kannn ? i have it in my hand now ! *happy . 

nak jugakk ? contact this girl in FB . she can be trusted . TRUST me ;)

*oh . btw , she also sell other design of tshirt like domo , angry bird n stuff (:



  1. justin bieber fan? Ok now i get it.

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