Jul 24, 2015


Omg omg omg omg guyssss!

It's TODAY! TODAY TODAY!! Their 2 days show starting today!

And guess what?! At this moment, while im writing this, they're on their way here from Incheon, Korea!! Woop woop ^^

Wehhhh did you notice Tabi is BLONDE?! He's freaking BLONDE! Im gonna see him BLONDE WHITE PLATINUM or whatever you're calling it! Kyaaaaa I'm super excited! That's like my fav colour on him! And light brown. But Blonde is super sexy and cute and adorable omg T.T Can't wait!!! LOL Well, yeah... My concert is tomorrow but I'm still going today.. Saja nak menyibuk hehe. And of course... To go Merch Hunting! Nak shoppingggg :D

Sbnrnya, right now I'm waiting.... Waiting for the right time nak gerak. Haha. Well, I'll spend my days with Kak Aty and Kak Anim. Skrg ni dorang otw. Well, supposedly dah smpai punnn. Tapi kereta buat hal so kena delay... And Aku pun update la blog to kill the time.

Lagipun it's better if I update sikit2 liddis rather than bagi sekali langsam esok lol. Panjang nak mampuih nanti. For my concert, 2nd day punya tu, I'll update lain. For first day pun kot? Idk.

Cuma kat sini..... Aku nak story pasal Pre-Concert! Woop woop! hehe. Guess what?! I've prepared them some gift and letters! Gigih tau aku buat. No, since Malaysia Fansites ada sediakan boxes for VIPs bagi hadiah and surat, aku semangat lah prepare. Haha.

Semua dah settle. Haritu lepas raya, Isnin tu aku terus kerja... Haaaa time tu lah aku mulakan operasi. Hahaha. Takde orang kan, so why waste time? xD

I'm quite satisfied with my letters! Hehe. Mmg merepek je aku tulis... For each one of them. Then Im giving Taeyang my preloved MJ Tshirt. Since he love MJ too, why not? Hopefully he'll love it ^^

So yeahhhh, these are the letters! Comel sangat. LOL.

For Taeyangieee ^^

Kkkkkkkk bye! I'll update more later!


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