Jul 5, 2015


Annyeong yeorobun..!

Lulz. We're on the third series now for BB's comeback :O Cepatnyaaaaa! Gosh, I still remember the first time they announce their comeback and now we're almost done with all the series.. T.T

Anyway! July....! Wuhooooo new songs baby! And honestly, 'D' is my fav so far. Lol, semua yg baru jadi fav aku xD But no, this time serious. Sbb lagu SOBER! Maenjongshin! Best sangat.

Kkkkk, so macam biasa, I'll be excitedly waiting for the release few days before the date. Mmg excited gilaaaa. Plus, they're doing the Naver LIVE countdown thingy again, lagi lah excited! But sadly, that night tak boleh stream. Something went wrong with the link and aku frust gila -.-' Sumpah sedih! Aku depend on LIVE translation kat twitter je. Tapi tak kisah sgt sbb nnti mesti keluar jugak video tu siap dgn subs lagi.

So yeah, the first song is..... IF YOU. A freaking slow song that the boys rarely do. Plus, this time, ALL FIVE OF THEM sang! Even TOP! No raps at all and I think that's the first time? Yeahh, OMG the first line je dah kill me..! Why? Cuz TABI started the song with his deep voice omg wehh...! Kkkkk nah enjoy. Oh, dia takde MV cuz YG said nak focus on the vocals and music katanyaaaaaa. Lol.

Sedap kan? Well yeah, ramai yang cakap they cried and all. Well, okay... aku pun ada lah menitis setitik dua. Haha. Takdelah over sangat. But for this July comeback, my fav gotta be SOBER! I still love IF YOU tho.

Kyaaaaaaaaa! This song is so my JAM! I LOVE IT SO DAMN MUCH! Beat dia ada lebih kurang macam Stupid Liar and I freaking love that song too! It's fast and fun. Best! kkkkk watch it yourself!

Asdfghjklskjf best kannn?! And the boys look amazingly good too! Especially Daesungiee oppa! Omg he ALWAYS caught my attention. I can't get over him banging the drums! Hot gila wehhh! I kennot lahhh!

And wehhhh.....! 20 DAYS till they come down here!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaa Im so excited and nervous but happy but scared that I'll miss them omg i don't know what to feel T.T

But the best thing is that they'll perform these two songs omg I can imagine them singing IF YOU with the crowd... Wow I'm gonna cry T.T

Then they will also perform SOBER! My fav! I hope Daesung will play the drums during the performance. That'll be my wish!

Two more weeks! Aishhhhh Im so so so nervous! My very first time seeing them :D

Oppa Palliwa!! ^^


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