Oct 26, 2010

Im SORRY . :|

assalamualaikum .

from my last post , i want to seek for forgiveness from everyone . especially from those who went for the domino's yesterday .

for some of u , i didn't mean to say that u guys are 'bajet popular' . well , you guys already know that u are popular rite ? ignore je lahh wat people wanna say . hmph .

im sorry . aku takk sangka ade jugakk org yg baca blog aku yg 'lame' nie . -.-'

so , again . im S O R R Y . maafkan lahh aku sedangkan nabi pun buley ampunkan umat . okey ?

this have been a lesson to me . a BIG one . thanks to u guys yg sudi menegur . i appreciate that . A LOT . from now on , i'll think before i type .

for my readers , thanks a lot for ur supports especially Soniaa yg menjadi pembaca setia . thx babe . :|

I M   S O R R Y .

p/s : kpd yg menegur tuu , kalau buley , i wanna know who u are . n jika berkesempatan , aku akan mintak maaf face-to-face kat korang . please .

yg ikhlas meminta maaf,miera

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