Apr 11, 2011

Debate -.-'

hey there . long time never see you ! where have you been all this time ? actually, i miss you . :D

merepek ahhhh .

tadi baru balik dr umah sir . sir mne lgi en . sir taufeeq lahh . for what ? DEBATE obviously -.-' kteorg bncang and stuff . seriously , aku kesian giler kat sir dohh . otak dye cam dh nk burst . byk sgt berfikir . aku lahh yg slalu buat dye fikir cuz aku malas nk fikir -.-' jahat dohh aku . haha . first topic settle . second topic ok2 lah . but not as good as the first one .

and tommorrow is that thingy ! omb ! nervous siottt ! but tadi dh practice present kat 4science2 . sgt menakutkan . but i did it . im just worried about POI . that is point of information . booohoooo :'(

tommorrow is 12th april rite ? im not even exited bout that date where i usually will . k whatever .

just pray the best for my team kayh ? ohhh , nk tauu team kteorg ?

1st speaker - me
2nd speaker - anandini

1st speaker - Nazirah
2nd speaker - amirah mat luwi

3rd speaker for both sides is MELLISSA ! she's good man ! im gonna be proud of her .


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