Apr 25, 2011

Justin DO have GOOD times in MALAYSIA .

wassup guys .

u see . a lot of people are sayin' that justin don't have a good time in m'sia . said that justin was not happy with malaysia n stuff during his stay here few days ago . BUT , where did u guys know ? media ? duhhhhh ~ how freaking true is that ? did justin said that with his cute little mouth ? no rite ? so , chill . well , read this for yourself .

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Hotxpress has an insider's scoop of what happened behind the scenes when Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were in town . We had an exclusive chat with Susan Tan of JS concerts , promoter of Justin Bieber's My World Tour Malaysia, as she was with Justin and Selena while they were here . She shared : "Justin and Selena were inseparable throughout their stay here and they were such a beautiful and loving couple ."

Susan added : " Justin is absolutely stunning when you have a personal encounter . He looks better than any of the pictures you've seen . Selena is pretty and very sweet in person . They were cuddling , hugging , holding hands and very apparently , totlly in LOVE . Justin's was around too . most of the time . and you can see that she is completely supportive of the relationship ."

Did #BieberGetNasiLemak ? That is the big question isn't it ? Well , this is what we find out . . . .

According to Susan , Justin and Selena hardly stepped out of the presidential suite in KL Hilton . So , obviously there was a lot of room serviced meals . the duo ordered nasi goreng , satay and - wait for it -YES ! Nasi Lemak too ! Local fruits and guava juice were also in the mix . We're assuming no durians is allowed on hotel premises , so you know what that means for those who were rooting for #DurianForBieber .

Susan mentioned : "Scooter Braun and his girlfriend had a great time in Malaysia . They went out sightseeing in KL and were really impressed . He even expressed an interest to vacation in Langkawi with his girlfriend after the tour ends . Justin and Selena also hit the hot spot and were really excited when they saw the Petronas Twin Towers and snapped loads of photos ."

A few bonus observations :
  1. Justin and his mom are like best buds , he was calling on her all the time when he was with Selena .
  2. The 17 year old was extremely active and energetic . He is not the 'quit' type that will sit still .
  3. He is good with kids as you can see in the pictures .
  4. While in the hotel suite , JB and SG were watching clips on their laptop together . Awwww , how sweet ♥

P/S : If u're TRUE BELIEBER , u won't easily believe in rumours . (:


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