Apr 6, 2011

Justin Bieber ?

HOT rite ? but . .  that's not JUSTIN BIEBER .

now this is the real BIEBER !

but then , who's that up there ? jeng jeng jeng ! ;)

its Dani Shay ! she's the 'justin bieber look alike' . like seriously . mmg sme punn ! cool right beliebers ? jgan salah sudahhh . :D

here's a bit about her . Dani Shay, a 22-year-old Florida native who says she’s never even heard of the Biebs because she “doesn’t watch much television”. Shay’s been raided by JB fans in shopping malls because she looks so much like the infamous hair-swooper!

oh oh ! check this out . you'll not believe ur eyes at some part . she seriously look like JB ! omb !


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