Jul 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Juey n Jacob ♥ !

yeay ! u boys have turned 1 !
coolio . last year , on this exactly date , i seen u for the very first time . u don't know how exicted i am that time baby . im very very proud of ur mother , 'best' who delivered you to this wonderful world . it's not just both of you , but 7 of you ! all ur brothers n sisters out there . i don't know if they're still alive or what :'(

Seriously , i miss them . but it's okey cuz i have both of u boys as a replacement . tapi tak sama . kan best kalau semua 8 ekor ada kat rumah nie . chaos weyh ! haha .

anyway , i hope n wish n pray that u guys will have a long life with me . it's very fun to have you with me here . all of us love you guys . korang manja sangat . tapi malas ! xD asyik tidooo je . sme mcm best -.-' hehee . tapi korang CUTE . sayanggggg korang !

ohh , kalau korang that is YOU rajin , check this post . masa dorang baru lahir (:
Welcome to the World Baby !

Happy Birthday boys !


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