Jul 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Beautifull Selena ♥ !

Happy Birthday Sis !

woahh . today you've turned 19 ! that's fast . 

well , just wanna wish you happy birthday . may you have a wonderfull n success life aite (: seriously , i LOVE u . i ADORE you selena . you're like a female teen idol to me . well , my male idol is your love , JBiebs :D 

I just love you . i love the way you dressed , ur character , ur attitude , ur music n the way you treat justin good ;) kay , maybe it's kinda weird for a belieber to LOVE you like crazy . but yeahhh . that's me . who cares . i adore you before you coupled with justin . so , when both of you got together , i was like woahhh , PERFECT ! both of my idols are together . 

ohh , ur music . they're awesome . especially 'my dilemma' , 'who says' , and 'love you like a love song' . three main fav :D n when u act , i fell in love with it . Wizard of Waverly Place , my fav disney series to watch cuz ur spontaneos made me laugh all the time :D  now , im looking foward towards Monte Carlo . i wanna watch it damn badly ! i just don't have the chance :(

you know what , i always have a dream to meet you face-to-face . i want to spend time with you even just for a day . haha . i know , it can't be real . but , NEVER SAY NEVER . justin taught me that (: heeee .

i know you won't even read this . but who knows right ? if u did , thank you SelGo 


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