Oct 14, 2011

Imma be ur One Less Lonely Girl .

It made me TEARED . all the time . every single time i watched the OLLG vid , i'll cry . idk , maybe im just sooo happy to see that one special girl smile so wide :D

Terharu sangat :') dalam ramai2 girls kat stadium tu , Najihah yg terpilih . BETUAH kan diaa ? (: jealous tu , mesti lah ade . BERJUTA perempuan sanggup buat ape je utk duduk kat stool tu tauu . termasuk aku . tapi , Allah dh tetapkan yg najihah yg terpilih :D im still HAPPY :DDDDDD heee . melebih pulakk xD

Justin is sooo CUTE. as usual . i miss that momment lahhh ! can i rewind the time to be in the stadium again ? awh , pleaseeeeee .


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