Apr 2, 2012

Boyfriend , What Makes YOU Beautiful

Vas Happenin' ?

If you can already tell what im gonna blog today base on the tittle , u might be a BELIEBER or a DIRECTIONER :)

So yeahhhhhh ! here we go ~

I bet the WHOLE world already know this Swagging Aweosome boy named Justin Drew Bieber ! He's just awesome . all his music and stuff is just so cool . well yeahh , i called myself a BELIEBER :D

Latest , he had realesed his first single from 'Believe' album that is BOYFRIEND ! dude , go n check it out ! ahhh , i just can't get enough of him . he's freaking talented . he's the best though . and he has a special spot in my heart 
Just hope that he'll never change (:

Look who's here ! its ONE DIRECTION ! Say HI ! lol . they're cute aren't they ? what ? im not loyal to bieber ? that's what u're thinking ? haha . go and ask other DIRECTIONER , most of them will say that they're a BELIEBER . so yeahh , don't bother . most of directioner is a belieber and im one of them :D

Its all started with Soniaa . she 'introduced' me to Zayn Malik at first . before they're even famous like now . i was like what ? wow , he's hot . that's it . tak caya ? read this . it was posted on March 2011 . FYI , soni is a die hard Belieber like me ;)  

I thought zayn is a solo artist . but then soni told me that he has a band called One Direction . then , i try to listen to their first single that is 'What Makes You Beautiful' . but at that moment , im not really into them . but now , after all the influences from kiera n shirah , im seriously into them . started to listen to their other songs n im loving it ! Im keeping up with their updates too ! woah , Directioner am i ? haha .
Hope that they'll stay as ONE BAND forever :D

Daddy Direction ! hehe . that's LIAM PAYNE . first member of the band that im gonna talk about ;) he's kind of my 'fav' but i still love 'em all . he has a bit of bieber's style n he love PURPLE too ! so maybe that's why i liked him the most . he's the 'macho' one in this band . so cute n charming ! yeap , he's serious than others . that's why he is called daddy direction :D

Has a girlfriend called Danielle . they're so sweet . Liam is a caring type of boyfriend . he protected his GF whenever a hater talk bad bout her :') nawwhh . sweet kannnnn . one more thing , he's phobia towards spoons . so , keep it away people ! or i'll kill you with spoons ! :p

Next , Louis Tomlinson ! Hottie right ? i don't get it why i don't realize it :p haha . seriously , i don't really like him before . he was like the last in my 1D list . but now , he's not the last :D heeeee . betul lah kata orang , tak kenal maka tak cinta . lepas dah buat research bagai , baru sedar that he's freaking awesome . so funny n cool ! the 'joker' in the band :D

And a loving person as well . he's so sweet with Eleanor , his model girlfriend (: also with his sister . such a sweet guy . and , i FREAKING LOVE his voice when he sings ! its so . . can't explain . just perfect (:

There he is ! Bradfort Bad Boy ! haha . Zayn Malik . another hottie . its cool to know that both of us has the same religion (:  we're muslims . hehe . ohhhh , Kiera is Soooo into him ! Mrs Malik she is :p

Zayn has a cool awesome voice . he can really sing . as well as the others lahh . hmmm , he has a cute accent . Vas Happenin' is what he loves to say :D

Harry Styles ! this guy is Shahhirah's . haha . She's all about harry . i can tell that he's cute ! ohhh , he love to be naked -.-' haha . undressed all the time . not really all the time but most of the time . yes , without anything . Well , of course he has a reason for it . he's very cheeky and has this thingy with Louis . Larry Stylinson is what they are . adorable :D

Niall Horan , my Irish Guy ! Simply cute and adorable . kannn ? he played the guitar . obviously u can see in his picture up there . lol . ohhh , he's a BOY BELIEBER ! woots ! high 5 Nialler ! :D He got really excited when he saw Biebs n extremely happy to know that Justin adores One Direction . haha . so cute :D

So yeahh . These 6 Boys are kind of important to me :') they're my music inspirations . Forever JB n 1D !


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