Apr 12, 2012

Im 7teen !

Assalamualaikum n holla peeps ! 

This just made my day !
Was waiting for someone to give me this though .

Guess what ? Im SEVENTEEN already ! Alhamdulillah . aku masih diberi kesempatan untuk memperbaiki lagi segala kelemahan aku . insyaAllah akan digunakan sebaiknya .

So yeahhh ,

12 April 1995 i was born in KL with the weight of 2.5kg . that was 17 years ago . imma big girl now :D one more year , im gonna be LEGAL :p hehe .

kayy , lemme start from 12:00 AM . i was asleep then suddenly there's a vibration under my pillow . then another one . it was my phone . there's a text from the peeps i love <3 first it was Shahhirah . sukaaa letew being the first to wish me :p it was a short text wishing me . sencond was from soniaa . i knew she wont miss it . hehe . err , yeah . dua je . kesian kann ? haha . kalau dulu maybe banyak . but now , org suka wish ONLINE je . free lah kata kannn ;)

In da morning at school , im kind of late . buat mcm biase n duduk kat like class . read textbook n do my own stuff . then suddenly mira came singing -Happy Birthday- n gived me pressie . just like that ~ cuz she's busy n had to go bertugas . later , bila nak masuk class , shirah came from the back n start singing . wishing me happy birthday again :D

Dalam kelas , shirah bagi aku this one kotak . its my pressie of course ! coolio . at first she asked me not to open it at the moment . but i just can't wait to see what's inside . i just opened it n saw this friendship breacelet ! Purple n i LOVE it dohh ! who ever know me , i love to wear all this bracelet n rubber band or such accessories :D its gonna be my tressure .

n she also gace me this 'letter' haha . it's so sincere n sweet (: here ,

11:28 pm
Assalamualaikum ! :D
Happy Birthday !! Haha .
Mm , Hai *lambai*
Nah , aku buatkan friendship bracelet ni special untuk kau . Aku buat sendiri tau . Sorry lah kalau tak cantik :'/ Aku harap kau tak malu nak pakai bracelet ni . Aku pun ada satu  tau ! :) Nama pun friendship bracelet . Aku harap kau dapat jaga bracelet ni elok-elok . Aku harap bila kau tengok bracelet ni , kau ingat aku . And bila kau rindu aku , kau pakailah bracelet tu . Kau kan selalu rindu aku :p Aku harap friendship kita last forever . Eh betul ke ? k WATEVA . Aku harap kita dapat jadi kawan selama-lama-lama-lamanya .*60 juta tahun* Hopefully . Semoga hidup kau sentiasa dirahmati Allah dan moga Allah tempatkan aku kat hati kau untuk jadi bestfriend foreva ! Lastly , aku sayang kau jugak :p * I MEAN IT *
Always there for you ,
P/S : Simpan elok-elok tau ! Gila ! :p
Amin :D

it's sooo her . sweet kannn ? n btw , dah macam karangan A+ . hehe . pnjang gila . tapi lagi pnjang lagi best ;)

Anyway , thanks sayang . aku hargai friendship kita . n aku appreciate sangat that kau terima aku as ur bestfriend eventhough kita 'baru' kenal . err , about "Bestfriend Forever" tu , aku tak berapa nak setuju . its not like what u think . cuma , ade org cakap , kalau kita selalu sebut "Bestfriend Forever" n stuff , it'll not happen . kita tak tahu masa depan kita isn't it ? lets just say kau Kawan Dunia Akhirat aku :D better kann ?

Alright , go on with what happened . first subject was math . so sir Sankar was in the class . then fattuhul told Mell that today is my birthday n she started singing -Happy Birthday- n the peeps in class started singing too ! that's sweet . really :') even sir claped his hand together . before he left , he wished me personally . nawww , thanks sir . appreciate that :D

Lepas tu , mcm biasa je . when i opened pressie that mira gave me earlier , i was like 'woahh' . guess what ?! Its another bracelet ! n there's word saying 'JB LOVES HUDA' in Purple ! yeahhh man ! another collection . hehe . there's also this cute clip thingy . n Kit Kat ! haha . u guys know what ? i don't even notice when she asked me what choc i like few days before . it was spontaneously . cool doh . Thanks hunny bunch ! :D

I've heard a lot of Happy birthday songs today . from various peeps . im touched :')  then , bila balik . . check my phone , there's 2 more text ! First from my mom . she wished me . pagi tadi tak sempat cuz dia keluar awal . sencond was from sherena ! luckily she remebered . kalau tak , haihh . she forgot soniaa's birthday . so i planned with soniaa that don't ever remind shern about my birthday . biar dia ingat sendiri . n she did . pheww .

Tha's all i guess . Facebook tak bukak lagi ni . wonder who's wishing me ? gonna check it out later . ohhh , check out my pressie . sorry for low quality .


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