Apr 9, 2012

Hey there 20th Cousin !

woots !

I just got my new baby cousin on 8th April '12 ! we shared the same birthday month :p he's my paksu's son . weeeeee ~ im freaking excited ! it feels like he's my own bro . cuz my cousins and i are all close (:

nak tengokkk ? nahhh .

Ala tomey tomeyyyy :D

Comel gilaaaa en ? well yeah , takde baby yg tak comel . tapi serious kiut . tak sabar nak jumpa dia n main2 ngan dia . weee ~

Takyah nak pelik lah asal aku excited sgt . ye lahhh , dah almost 9 years takde baby in my family . of course lah excited braii . ohh , nama dia unknown lagi . just call him 'baby' for now . haha . maybe its gonna be haziq . tak sure . but still cute :D

im sure gonna love him n be close to him . hehe . nak baby sendiri bolehh ? xD


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