Jul 10, 2012

Jelena Love ♥

Heyya .

Today i just wanna update bout my FAV couple . JELENA of course ! Justin + Selena . who doesn't know that kann ? Actually , i've wrote something bout them here and here . heeee .

But today i just want you guys to see the 'flow' of their CUTE relationship 

this two pics was taken before they declare, i think . Tak matang langsung :p Selena looks like his Big Sis kannn ? well , dari segi umur , mmg pun . cuz she's 2 years older . . . but age is just a freaking number !

But look at them NOW ! sweet gilaaa kot . Especially the way Justin look at Selena . full of love dohh . Plus , Justin looks very very very happy . Selena really do suits him . No hate please . cuz they belong to each other (:

All those allegations before this tak mengganggu their relationship pun . I just hope that , they'll stay together as long as they can be . lagipun dorang nmpk sgt serious . that last pics was their recent one . In Japan . Selena teman Justin while he's promoting 'Believe' album there . Sweet kannnnn ? hmmmm , Stay sweet darlings 


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