Jul 8, 2012

Never Say Never huh ?

Well , im sure all the BELIEBERS out there tak sabar-sabar tggu our Dr. Bieber touch down here , in Malaysia next week ! wait , THIS WEEK ! including me of course , but im not that lucky one to watch him LIVE again this year :'/

As we all know , Justin Bieber will be visiting Malaysia again this year . Performing on 14th July for MTV World Stage as well . Byk sgt chances to win that passes . tapi , chances utk orang yg LOADED je -.-' buy that , u'll get free passes . buy this , u'll get free passes . Play that , u'll have a chance to get it . BANYAK sgt . But its not not not fair . what about peeps yg tak berduit mcm aku ni ? plus , most of the events was held around KL . what about the peeps yg dok kat SABAH SARAWAK ? Fair enough huh ?

Tolonglah faham . Org yg tak bertanggugjawab buat event2 ni semua bagi harapan PALSU to most of people out there yg berharap gila gila punya . Tipu lah kalau cakap taknak g tgok ur fav singer perform live or pergi to his Press Conference or get to meet him personally kannnn ? yg terbaru , Universal Music Malaysia buat this caller ringtone thingy . langgan benda tu , and they'll choose few lucky winners . berapa ramai yg langgan weyy ? confirm ramai . kalau dorang bagi SEMUA org yg langgan tu takpe gak . nie , just a FEW . mmg mengayakan UMM ade lahh . hmmmm . Kay fine , tak salah dorang nk buat pertandingan or whatever . it's just that probability utk menang tu sgt sgt sgt RENDAH . kan dah masuk math -.-'

Again , aku mmg nk sgt join event tu or pre-order album Bieber to get the passes tapi takk berkemampuan . acano tu ? but Justin taught us to never say never . kalau aku tak dpt this time , mungkin rezeki aku lain kali kannn ? so , im just gonna let it go . I'll wait for his BELEIVE tour ! he'll be touring around ASIA soon ! weeeee ~

ohh , n kepada korang2 yg dapat pergi tu , CONGRATS n have fun people ! :D


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