Jul 14, 2012

Justin Bieber's Press Conference in Malaysia

Woots ! Lucky peeps got to see him upclosed ! untunglahhhh :p

Here's an article bout it . got it from Galaxie Blog Malaysia (:

Justin Bieber is a megastar, don't you forget that. So popular is the Canadian crooner that at the press conference held earlier today, the media (and some lucky fans) had to sign a form (rules and regulations at the press conference) as well as surrender our phones and electronic devices before we were allowed in the venue. And once we were in the venue, we waited... for two hours for Bieber to appear.

"Can I be your Boyfriend?" Justin Bieber teases his fans 
before performing his hit single
But all was forgiven once Justin came on stage. Dressed in a white t-shirt, plaid cut-off shirt, black jeans and white kicks, he launched into an acoustic set. We were told that he would perform three songs for the fans and regional media who were gathered at the hall. Instead, he performed seven tracks  (from Boyfriend to Baby); he even took a request from a fan who wanted to listen to Fall from his new album Believe. "This is my first time performing this song live. Only for you darlin'," he told the fan.
Yes, he is a flirt alright. When the fans screamed, "Swag", as though on cue, Bieber slicked his hair with his fingers and looked at the fans for approval. More screams!
"How much do I love my fans? To the moon and back," says Justin Bieber  
 "Malaysian fans are always so welcoming when I come here " he said to the delight of the Beliebers present. So, he remembers Malaysia then? "Yes, I remember the last time I was here, it rained all day. But when I got on stage (at Stadium Merdeka), the rained stopped! I guess Mother Nature is also a Belieber," the 18-year-old joked. 
But we know not everyone is a fan of Justin Bieber. "There are haters out there," he lamented. "I made Believe to prove haters wrong. The songs here are edgier but at the same time clean. I wanted to show that I'm more than a teeny bopper." 
Believe, which has hit gold in Malaysia, sees Justin exploring other genres of music such as hip hop. But his main aim is to connect with fans through music. "The main theme in Believe is to inspire others. You know, life is not perfect for some of my fans, whether at home or in school. So, they listen to my music to escape." 
Every Belieber in the hall seemed to nod in agreement to that statement.

For more photos and to read our special interview with Justin Bieber, pick up a copy of Galaxie's 1-16 August issue.

Aaaahhh ! So cute :D He loves all his Malaysian Belieber ;)


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