Feb 24, 2013

Peter and Jane

Assalamualaikum . Heyy buddy . LOL

Peter and Jane huh ?

Recalled it now ? Hmmm , I don't know whether you guys know who's Peter and Jane . But for me , they're my memories .

Peter and Jane is an english learning book that have a bunch of series . Arranged by their difficulties . They have some sort of level kind of thing . So yeahh , i guess P n J is my first ever english book .

When I was in my kindergarten days in C.E.C (Child Enrichment Centre) USJ , we all have this session of reading . Teacher will call us one by one and read this book to her . She'll guide us . So when we finished the first book which is very easy with just one or two words a page , we'll move on to the next book ! Which will then be harder and harder with lots of words n smaller fonts . haha . We'll learn new words every level which improved our vocab .

Well , they're sweet memories . Because of them , my english is quite good now . At least people will understand when I speak . Thanks to Peter and Jane ! It's a nice book y'know . As you can see , they have a page of words and a page of illustrations . Their storyline is quite intresting too . For a 5-6 years old , of course . LOL .

Parents and teachers should introduce P n J to kids so that when they grow up , they can speak proper english . Im not saying my english is superb . It's just a freaking english that people can understand . LOL . I just can't stand it when people speaks broken english proudly . Like it's a proper english . Oh god , why am I talking rubbish -.-'

I guess i'll stop now .


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