Jul 22, 2013

Best Song Ever

Omg omg omg omg !

It's finally out ! gaaaaaaaaahhhhh !

I stayed up till it came out, did you know that ? Imma true directioner you see . haha .

Sumpah tak sabar bila tgok teaser . It's like something different . The boys disguised and became a different character . There's Louis as Jonny , Niall as Harvey , Liam as Leeroy , Harry as Marcel , and Zayn as Veronica ! hahaha . he's so damn funny ! And honestly , they're all a good actors :D

And bout the video , i think ITS THE BEST VIDEO EVER ! haha . There's so many feelings combined together when i watched it . Semua ada . terharu , happy , kelakar , sedih semua ada . smpai tak tau nak rasa apa dah .

Nak tau tak ? ade directioner lain yg interpret lagu and video ni like , the boys is telling us that no matter what the management or other people ask them to do , they would always , ALWAYS be themselves . And mainly saying that this song is about us , directioners . T.T god, too many feels .

Oh oh oh ! Aku suka gilaaaaaaaaaaa part dorang dance tu ! Especially Louis ! He would always dance with passion ! The way he danced . . . urghhh he needs to stop that . It's killing me . Actually , semua dance tu , combination of dance move from previous music videos . Like the row , the joe , inbetweener dance , hip thrust , then ade Louis' signature dance move which is the 'where are we going' and 'stop the traffic, let em through' dance . I love those moves .

And nerdy Marcel is just super duper attractive ! whyyy harry whyyyy ? Even in that kind of character , he still looks so freaking hot . it doesn't make any sense ! lol . Then Leeroy is just so adorable ! hahaha . I love the way he tells Liam to stay where he is cuz "you are Perrr - fect" . hahahaha sumpah comel ! Next , Zayn ! I mean , VERONICA ! bahahahahaha . so freaking funny ! All 'her' gestures and dance move , it's killing me with laughter xD  Niall is just so cute and adorable as always :') I love all the 'Nouis' moments .

Oh wait ! Did I mention Louis' solos ?! god , even just a freaking few lines , his voice is torturing me ! that husky soft voice . . urgh ! and during his solos in the MV , it's perfect . PURE PERFECTION ! done .

I can't wait for their movie ! This Is Us . coming next month , hopefully . I just wanna say that , i love the boys so much .


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