Apr 7, 2014

Fly Away

Assalamualaikum :)

Holla Amigo ! How's life ? haha . Mine ? Well . . . Im good .

It's just that i need to figure something to do with my life . Im enjoying every second of this break to be honest . 24/7 in ma room reading novels , playing games on the phone , scrolling through twitter , instagram and stuff with MJ's old good songs blasting in my ears . Watch tons of youtube videos that caught me up sometimes . It can last for hours i tell ya . It's all MJ's don't worry haha . Idk . Im in that 'phase' right now . The 'MJ phase' . LOL . I just can't wait for the 1D boys to start touring so that i can be all over them again . It's less than 20 days now yayy !

Haha . Forget that . So last weekend , i mean last two days , im very glad that i can finally leave my bedroom ! LOL . My family and I went to KLIA to send off one of my cousin to perform her Umrah . Kakyong , she went with her dad . So all of my mom's siblings came with their family to say goodbye . Over kan ? 2 minggu je pun . aha . But yeahh , all my cousins , aunts and uncles were there . We had fun . I mean , c'mon ! Bukan selalu dapat pergi airport . Well of cuz my dad do it all the time cuz that's where he work . Haha . seronok lah jugak dpt tengok tempat kerja ayah . Well we all know how hard he work . Siang malam tak tentu masa . Kesian pun ade .

But anyway , masa mula2 smpai KLIA tu , my family and I terserempak dgn maklang ! My dad's sister . She was with paklang obviously . Dgn Zarin . Heyyy , I did a special entry about him before . The first one to be exact . haha . Dorang pun hantar someone pergi umrah . Paklang's eldest sister . So yeahh . . kitaorg byk lepak kat tingkat 5 je . The 'balai pelepasan' . Im more intrested in ' balai ketibaan ' to be honest . Hmmmm tak buat ape sgt pun . Byk bergambar je . lol .

So lepas kakyong dah check in , all of us make our way to PD ! yup , an AD HOC holiday plan . Dapat tau few days before that day . Tak expect langsung but i guess that's what make it interesting ayy ? haha . Kitaorg mmg selalu g holiday reramai cmni . Sonok ! hihi . We stayed kat Glory Beach Resort . Fuhh memories kat situ ! I mean , masa kecik pun selalu lah jugak pergi situ , all of us . hihi .

So yeahh , we stayed for just 2 days and 1 night but it was super fun . I mean , petang tu tak buat ape pun . Sbb masing penat kot . Cuma bebudak tu je yang pergi mandi pool . Well , aku dah lama tinggalkan zaman tu . aha . Kalau tak , fuhh berebut masing2 nak tukar baju pastu terjun reramai ! ahhhh memories ! Sekarang semua dah besar :/ we grew up together ! Nnti , kawin pun semua sesama . I mean , we'll go through the 'stages' all together .

Ohh ! Malam tu kitaorg pergi karok ! hahaha . All of us exept ibu ngan abang . I didn't realize that until now . I didn't expect all of them would join . Sbb the real plan was just a few of us . They asked me to drive ! OMG i was like scared and refused at first . But then . . . They said it's not far and tak pergi jalan besar sgt pun . So then i agreed . My first time ever driving outside of selangor . lol . Ohh . . . Masa turun g car park tu , i was like refreshing what to do when driving at night like on the lights and stuff . So then , aizzat got the car out of the parking for me . Then i drove him , kakngah ika , kila and adar to the place . Well yeah tak jauh pun . Tried to be cool all the time . Padahal nervous . hahaha .

Bila dah smpai tu , takde parking pulak -.-' Dua kali jugak lah aku pusing . Dah lah sempit haihhh . Aku fobia tempat kecik2 ni . Bila dah takde parking , i let Aizzat  went and find for it . So , yang lain turun and gerak to that place . And fortunately , ade parking . Pheww . Oh and guess what ?! Aizzat told me that i didn't turn the lights on and i was like "shit maaan." Punyalah semangat igt bagai . Last2 lupa jugak . sakai . haha . Whatever . Kitaorg masuk dulu . Cuz yang lain gerak lambat . Well not really that lambat . After two songs , dorang smpai .

Imagine , 17 people in that large room ! Woahh . . sardine-packed ! haha . Tapi tak semua lepak dlm tu . Yang tak menanyi went somewhere else . Minum kat mamak bawah kot . But we had tons of fun weyyy ! Kalau nak puas melalak , mmg tak puas lah reramai cmtu . But what made it special was , we really had a good time . Cheered when our aunts sang and stuff . Ohh pastu semua jadi orang gila time lagu dangdut ! menari in that small room . I was like standing on the seats ! haha . Aizzat , Aizziq ngan AyahCu lah yang gila . hahaha . Kelakar gilaaa . Si Aizziq tu tak padan dgn kaki yang injured . LOL . Super fun tho .

Balik tu semua kelaparan . Nasib baik earlier my mom and I prepared some Steamboat . Pepandai lah dorang makan . haha . Aku terus tido . Keletihan . The next morning i woke up kind of early sbb sejuk nak mati ! Byk kali terjaga -.-' Then I decided to sat outside kat veranda . Semua tido lagi . My mom je yang dah bangun . I went through my phone and tak sedar smpai 2 jam . lol . 8 something tu aku masuk lah dalam and most of them were awake . Bebudak getting ready nak mandi pool and few people getting ready nak pergi breakfast kat bawah . I didn't know i was going tbh . But orang dah ajak , pergi je lah en ? haha . Aku suka breakfast kat hotel cuz they have like proper breakfast . haha .

Just 5 of us yang pergi . My bro and I , my uncle , aunt , kila ngan aizzat . Well , the first thing we took was pancakes ! Cuz kila said it's nice . Mmg sedap punn ! My very first proper-pancakes i guess ? haha . sbb sblm ni adik aku buat tak sesedap yang ni . hewhew :> Then , i ate mini croissants . Tak sesedap the 'real' croissants :( Ohhh then , i ate cereals . Dgn omelete . OMG banyak kan ? hahaha . tak kisah . The food was great .

Lepas tu , naik atas then i went to take a bath . Siap terus . Then again lepak kat veranda . This time with a novel . With MJ's song blasting . Hihi . I can't help it ! :p Lama jugak lah dok kat luar tu . Smpai semua orang dah siap . hahaha . Pastu . . . kemas2 semua then celebrate Haziq's 2nd birthday . OMG his face was priceless man ! Dia BLUR and CONFUSE gila ! Sbb semua orang was like singing happy birthday to him . And he just stand there with his cake . LOL . Bila suruh tiup lilin , alahaiii slow gila . Someone had to blow it for him . hahaha . Dia senyap je . Terkejut cuz tak pernah hadapi situasi tu kott . Cuz last year takde buat rasanya . But he's super cute :')

So yeahhh , tengah hari check out then balik ke rumah masing2 . Idk why , but aku rasa penat sesangat ! But i had a real blast ! Lama tak spend time like that . And today , here i am . . . updating you guys with stuff .

Sending her off . Untunglaaaaaaaaah ! hehe

Tuu budak OKU . LOL kidding !

My handsome dad with his uniform and my McFlurry . LOL

Family portrait ? The best i can find -.-'

Haziq having a ride on the trolley . aha 

Don't ask me . It was everywhere ! It might be the baby crabs .

Sunsets . Kind of .

Turtles ! Baby ones . Comel !

Sumpah ramai gilaaa -.-'

Big ass fish ! It was there when i was little and it was there , still.

morning from the veranda

Confuse enough ? haha


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