Apr 4, 2014

There Goes My First Year

Assalamualaikum .

Hye awak ! Miss me ? aha . I guess not .

So . . . There goes my first year . First year ? Of diploma you silly . Well yeah , Im not like some of you who go through foundation and matriculation and stuff that only take you few sems . At least just TWO sems then boleh continue degree . Wuuuu .

I took the longer way tho . But SAFER . Orang kata , biar lambat asal selamat . Kan ? haha . Malas lah nak cerita pasal tu . Dah pernah cerita before this . Pergi lah stalk . LOL .

Emmm . . . Sebenarnya kan . . . . Macam ni cerita dia . Semalam , I was watching MJ's Dangerous World Tour . Nak habis dah pun time tu . Around 12 something . Then tetiba dpt Whatsapp notification from Planners which is my batch's punya group . Lily was like "SENARAI TAMPAL KESELURUHAN DAH KELUAR" . Yes , with the caps lock and all . Perghhh terus cuak .

Sebelum ni ade jugak check senarai tampal tu . Tapi result BI dgn Titas je yg ada . 2 creds je but still , penting lah jugak . But there's no big deal really . I was grateful . You see , this sem aku amik 6 subjects . Dua was those 2 creds subjects and lagi empat is planning's subjects which carry 3 creds each except for studio cuz studio carries 5 creds . So masa first time check tu , planning's subjects punya takde lagi . Then bila Lily inform pepagi buta tu that result dah keluar , dgn excited dan cuak dan segalanya pergi lah check .

Then ? Jeng jeng jeng . . . . . Haha . . . I was shocked but happy and grateful and very thankful to Allah for giving me the chance to maintain my result from last sem :') Almost the same dgn result last sem . I mean , mmg sama pun . Cuma tambah satu subject extra cuz last sem aku amik 5 je .Yang last sem punya aku pernah bagitau kan ? I got 3.93 . Well , this sem punya pointer increased by 0.01 point . Ahahaha kelakar . I thought it would be lower than last sems' or at least the same . But naik instead ? LOL . But Alhamdulillah .

I know , i know . Sikit je lagi . But nak buat guane ? Allah tak izinkan aku touch 4 tu . Maybe Dia tahu that aku tak mampu nak maintain nanti . Then bila pointer drop , aku down and what not . He knows the BEST . So , aku terima je . But I will definitely strive for that 4 ! One day , In Shaa Allah :D

Kat mana slack ? Emm . . . Kat subject 'senang' . Puihhhhh . Tu laaaa , condifent sangat . (I purposely spell it that way. Don't laugh ! lol) Slack kat subject Miss Nad pulak tu :/ Neighborhood Planning . Padahal punyalah semangat mengadu kat miss that subject Planning & Environment susah nak mati and tak faham sepatah haram . Tup tup . . I got better grade for that 'hard' subject than subject 'fav' tu . Pelik kaaaaaan ?!

But honestly , mmg Planning & Environment tu subject paling aku tak suka . I mean , bosan nak mati lepastu tak faham ape2 . Dlm kelas susah sgt nak concentrate . Sumpah weyy . Siap boleh snap gmbar then post kat insta . That bad . Yes . But at the end ? I got an A ? Don't ask me . Im still trying to figure the answer myself -.-' But maybe , just maybe assignments byk tolong kott . Cuz why ? Subject ni lah yang paling banyak assignments i tell you ! Tapi . . . kitaorg selalu buat bodoh2 . I mean , we took it lightly . Dah lah test haritu macam ape . Like tak study ape2 . It's like taking a test on the very first class itself . From that moment aku mmg dah tak harap ape2 kat subject tu . Dah boleh terima kalau grade teruk for that subject .

But I was 100% wrong . It turn out the other way around . Subject yang aku target A which is Neighborhood Planning tu , tak dapat and instead , I got an A for this subject yang aku dah putus harapan with . Aku dapat A- for Neighborhood Planning :/ Takde sape pun yang dpt A subject tu . Even Miss Nad was super dissapointed dgn kitaorg . Punya lah focus dalam class bagai . Tengok2 . . . nan adoo .

Even I am extremely dissapointed with myself ! Padahal aku yakin that i can do better . Yakin sesangat . Cuz that subject was not that hard . Senang je sebenarnya . Tapi tu lah , sbb YAKIN sgt , tak dapat lah cerita dia . Padan muka . Tapi aku mmg kecewa yang amat because i know i can . Aishhh susah lah nak cakap . Cemana eh ? I won't mind kalau aku mmg tak boleh buat tau . But deep in my heart , i really know i can have that A . If only I did better -.-' Why mira whyyyy ?!

The only problem was . . the stupid quizzes in class . Byk pulak tu quiz . hmmm . . I don't know why , bila jawab , rasa macam boleh score but hell . . Mengecewakan gilaa markah quiz . Like rendah gila . I don't even know myself that moment . I don't know what's my problem . Quiz tau . Just the quizzes . Assignments semua I did pretty good . Mmg like clueless . Ape masalah aku ? Kat mana eh salah dia ? I kept asking myself . End up , carry mark rendah . Well not that rendah . 40 / 60 ? Yeah thanks for assignments . But like , urghhh i can't forgive myself for the quizzes ! I could've get better than that . It's not like i didn't study for that quizzes . I did ! But . . maybe last minute sgt kot ? Condifent kan -.-' Kononnya faham . Said that , soalan quiz tu senang je , tapi dia senang terperangkap . Like tak tau , the 'real' jawapan for that particular soalan . Sbb the topics were kind of similar so tak tau yang mana utk yang mana . Sigh-

Then bila finals dah dekat , studio pun dah settle , byk lah masa utk study kan ? Mmg this time aku betul2 fahamkan . Like betul2 FAHAM . And suddenly aku sedar from all the 'CONFUSION' . Allah dah buka pintu hati maybe ? Sbb sebelum tu , aku tak pernah perasan benda tu . Mmg all the topics was kind of similar , like I said . Tapi that day aku study for finals tu , semua benda was like starting to sort out dlm otak . Like , i can CLEARLY see everything . And I can already know which is for which . Then , bila dah faham , I just have to memorize a bit . I did some revision dgn AMANDA LISA ROSLAN the night before exam . We went through topics by topics and ask each other all the possible questions . FYI , aku jarang buat benda ni cuz I prefer to study alone to get a better understanding . Kalau utk menghafal , then benda ni helps . A LOT . But honestly , all the topics was more like in 'point forms' . Senang kan ? kena hafal je . I was like , "Kenapalah aku tak perasan benda ni sblm ni?" Hmmm . . . Like I said , Allah tak izinkan . Aku dapat A- pun because of finals . Because aku yakin I did my best for finals . Jawab 2 jam penuh . Writing non-stop . Seriously . And for that , my finals' punya markah top up quite a lot to my carry marks . But sadly , still tak cukup to get an A . Very sad , very disappointed but VERY THANKFUL cuz at least , it's still an A . Even pointer A- tu menyebabkan aku tak dapat touch 4 , Im still happy . That's a lesson for me . Lepas ni tak boleh nak over confident and tak boleh give up too early and always be husnuzhon . Positive . All the time .

But tu lah , boleh pulak result sama dgn last sem . haha . Haritu pun slack kat planning's subject . 3 creds . A- jugak . Tapi case dia terbalik dgn neighborhood planning . LOL . Cuz why ? Because . . . my carry marks for Introduction To Planning tu was quite assuring . Like 50 something / 60 ? HAHA . Case yakin boleh score finals . Puihhh . Tapi mmg soalan final haritu susah nak mam . Hahaha . Teruk perangai .

Tapi honestly , aku mmg tak sangka that pointer akan bertambah this sem . Cuz I really thought it's gonna drop which im absolutely ready for . But it increase instead ! Even just by 0.01 . Hihi . Alhamdulillah :D

Well , tu result senarai tampal je . Tak confirm lagi sebenanya . Tapi JARANG sangat berubah pun . So , that's it ! Dah habis 2nd sem , and dah tau result for all the stuff I did all this while :) Worth it . Sem 2 ni is one of the best sems ever ! I believe that .

So there goes my FIRST YEAR ! wuhoooo ! 1 down , 2 more to go ! Aha . Next sem ade junior ! yayyy . haha . Moga tabah ye adik2 . hewhew :>

So now . . . . It's time for me to enjoy the break ! Im gonna use the best of it before 'hell' starts all over again . Erkk . . Malas nak fikir . There's no need to invade my brain with all that painful 'old' memories of 1st sem's studio that going to happen again for my 3rd sem . Pshhhh semoga dia berubah . AMIN .

Oh oh oh ! Um . . . dgn kesempatan ni , I just want to thank EVERY single one of my lecturers especially Miss Nad , Pn Mareeam cuz byk mengajar kitaorg dlm studio . Byk bersabar dgn kitaorg sbnrnya . Hmm . . Terima kasih cuz sgt sgt sgt memahami situasi kitaorg unless mmg something tu salah kitaorg . So then , it's not your fault to scold us for that . But like , Im more than okay that way . Kalau tegur pun , even pedas , takdelah menyakitkan hati cuz dgn teguran tu mmg kitaorg akan realize our mistakes and end up doing better ! Bukan menyakitkan hati dgn 'point' yang tah ape2 . Like takde kena mengena . Pastu makan dalam pulak tu . Hmmmm . Then , thanks to Miss Intan jugak yang ajar Planning & Ennvironment . And sorry cuz byk cakap belakang cuz I hate that subject so much . Hihi . Tapi thanks for giving me an A . ngeee ~ then thanks to Cik Zaim cuz ajar autoCad even the truth is , kitaorg belajar autoCad from studio sbnarnya . But still thanks . Lepastu , thanks to Cik Khairul yang menggantikan Miss Nad after she left . Even it's your first time as a lecturer , but you did very well :D Not bad for a first timer . hehe . Ohh not to forget Ustaz Nik for Titas and all those 'spot questions' hahaha . And also Dr Hanizah for english :)

Hamboiii . . . dah macam ucapan ape je . Baru habis first year kot . Haha . Berangan lebihhh ! Tapi tak salah kan ? Hihi . Ohh yeahh , btw , budak lain as in budak kat institution lain semua tak habis finals lagi , tapi aku dah dapat result dulu ! hahaha . gempak kan ? Cepat , pantas dan efisyen . Sayang UTM forever ! aha . Yang lain tu , all the best and buat elok2 !

kbye .


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