Apr 7, 2014

Michael Jackson Being Super CUTE !

Interviewer : Is your wife, Debbie now expecting another child ?
Michael : *Trying to figure the answer by being his cute-self*

Interviewer : Very simple , yes or no ?
Michael : Can I say Im not sure.....*cute-laugh*
Interviewer : Really ?
Michael : Wait no . . .  Don't !
Interviewer : You just . . you said -
Michael : No ! Shhhhhh . . . . 
Interviewer : You said she may be pregnant .
Interviewer : When will you know ?
Michael : *giggles*
Interviewer : You drop it down yourself -
Michael : I didn't ! I didn't . . . Please ???? *giggles*

Gaaaaaaaaaah ! Isn't that the cutest thing ever ?! He was so embarrassed and shy and begging adorably ! He was super extremely cute that i decided to upload it myself ! OMJ like seriously !

Maaaaan , this is making me falling more and more for him . Why Mike , whyyyy ?! T.T

Well , i was watching his cute moments on youtube and saw this bit in between those clips and i was like "Where was that interview from?!" I don't even know what they were talking about at first . So then i searched and found that interview . But this particular bit was not included ! I was like where the hell is it ?! I was desperate to be honest . Then i found the outtakes from the interview and click on it ! Then , i found myself admiring him like crazy and i just HAVE to download it . And i did . Hahahahaha ! Ummm . . . I edited a bit . Then upload it on youtube myself ! LOL .

Why I did that ? Well first , because it is obviously the CUTEST MOMENT of him ever ! And i want people to see it ! Furthermore , this clip was like so hard to find and people don't notice it cuz it's hardly there . So i uploaded one to share it with moonwalkers all around the world ! Hihi :D

Im tellin' ya , his affection is driving me crazy ! T.T


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