May 14, 2014

Love Never Felt So Good

Love never felt so fine
And I doubt if it was ever mine
Not like you hold me, hold me."

Gaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ! Love never felt so good but this new stuff is soooooooo freaking good ! :D

Xscape is just so damn awesome ! Okay , before you get confuse or shiz , Xscape is a BRAND NEW ALBUM of the King Of Pop ! "But I thought he's dead?" Psshhhhhh it's a Posthumous Album dumbo -.-' It includes a number of UNRELEASED songs by Michael himself . Then there's a few producers who 'contemporarize' (lol is that even a real word?) those songs so that it'll be up-to-date . Like the one up there , it was originally recorded by Michael as a demo in 1983 . That's why it has the 'Off The Wall' kind of grooves ;) Then for the Xscape album , Justin Timberlake decided to contribute his voice and make a duet with Michael for that particular song . But they also includes all the original versions in the deluxe album tho .

The originals are way better , no doubt . But the Xscape versions are good too ! :D It's like a perfect timing for me y'know ? Cuz I came back to fangirl over him then a new album decided to come out ! How cool is that ? haha . It feels great to hear his voice again , honestly . I wish I could listen to all of his unreleased songs which im sure is a lot ! If only . . . hmmmm . .

Anyway , you wanna know something ? The man behind this album , LA Reid said that the reason he decided to produce Xscape is because Michael once tapped him on the shoulder and said "Would you just do me one small favor to remind people that I'm the greatest?" Well yeah , that's why . Im kinda touched with those words because people would never forget the fact that he's the best . Even til this very moment . I mean , Xscape is #1 in 17 countries man ! He'd be so proud :')

Moonwalkers are very lucky cuz Michael left us with all of his unreleased and untouched songs . Even when he's gone , we still get new stuff coming . It's like he never really left . Well , some of them don't like this whole Xscape idea cuz they think it's not what Michael would do but whatever . I heard the album and Im loving it . If you're not listening , then that's your freaking problem . You're missing big time here . lol


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