Apr 20, 2015


Omg omg omg guysss!

Check this out!

SUPER AWESOME righttt?! Omg I freaked out like gila when YG dropped that tour trailer! This badass mafia concept is just super cool! Nampak kematangan dorang disitu and I can't freaking wait laaaa wehh! This is their first comeback after 3 years since ALIVE! And hell yeah, This is MY FIRST TIME witnessing their comeback with MADE and I tell ya, it's sooooo freaking exciting!! Gaaaaah!!

Im not done wehh cuz guess what?! THEY'RE COMING TO MALAYSIA I REPEAT BIGBANG'S COMING TO MALAYSIAAAA!!! asdfghjll;askdkdsfdjfkjdslka omg the feels are too much wehhh! Like fine, I know this is not their first time coming here but wehh, it's my first time kottt! And takpayah cakap laaa, mmg menyesal gila tak pergi time dorang dtg sini 2012 dulu. But back then I was not a VIP cuz Im MADE-era VIP huhu.

So far, those are the COMFIRMED venue. Omg I went crazy when I saw 'MALAYSIA' there. because why? Aku dah byk kali broken-hearted bila tengok 'Tour Venues' but MALAYSIA was not listed especially with One Direction :( Sakit hati gila. Fine, of course dorang lebihkan negara which they're from but hello, we exist laa kat sini. And tadi aku terfikir 'Haaaa padan muka VIPs yg duduk kat non-asian country like europe and america. Macam tu laa aku rasa!' But asdfghjlklsdajsfh happy gila bila di'lebih'kan cmni haha. CONFIRMED venue pulak tu perghhh tak yah risau dah.

And omg omg omg that means I'm gonna see my sunshines soon?!?!?! TOP?! DAESUNG?! GD?! SEUNGRI?! TAEYANG?! Like OMG!!! WEYYYY rasa nak jerittttt!! This is super important okay! Omg I AM SO GOING! BY HOOK OR BY CROOK! I don't care! Even the cheapest ticket pun tak kisah yg penting I got to see my oppas!

And not enough with that guess what? The guy who hated 'SNS' just created an Instagram Acc! Sape? Mr Tee Oh Pee! Hahaha yes, TOP dah ada IG!

God, he spammed a lot kot! Like wey almost 50 posts in just a day. A DAY! Gila haha. He posted a lot. Mostly arts, including himself hahaha. He is also a piece of art whaaat xD Come gilaa all his selcas. Well he used to say "I don't like taking selcas. I rather work hard than taking them." Booo look who's talking now! Hahaha. But honestly, I really love it! He was so active and he interacted through his captions. Siap troll lagi! Tu tak boleh blah!

There's this one picture like 'mengejek' and he put a caption in hangul that means something like "I'm currently filming an MV for the new songs but I'm spamming you guys. Do you like it?" Hahaha comel gila okay! And god, all his selcas, perfection la weyy. Haihhh. Hopefully he'll be active for long. Cuz come on this is like his first social media and of course VIPs semua has no chill at all especially TOP's stan like me xD hahaha but sbb dah byk sgt dia spam, lelama jadi malas nak keep track lol.

So yeahhhhhh! They're COMING HERE SOON! Aaahhhh I feel like Im the luckiest VIPs ever hahaha! Like, I started to join the fandom and so many things happen! My timing was just perfect! Like not too early- sbb kalau awal aku kena tunggu 3 tahun for this and I'm not so late- cuz I joined just before this whole MADE thingy and I can experience all of them! Gaaaah best okay! Kalau tak best DIAM! Tak suruh kau baca pun haha.

I really can't wait to witness this BINGU TOP on stage soon! Weeeeeeeee~

Idiot haha. But he's MY IDIOT. My PABO OPPA 

I'll be waiting oppa. All of you :* 

P/S: You might hate Tabi's comeback hair but I kinda love it! It's cool. Kbye!

Love, miera

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