Apr 1, 2015

Who's Next?

Woah woah woah!

Who's Next for 2015?!

Ahhhh so YG Ent started to release these teasers photos making us guess who will be the next act from YG to comeback.

One by one picture was released. I was curious. Tipu la kalau tak curious en. Ramai yang agak that BIGBANG will do their comeback this time. Ye lah, VIPs dah lama tunggu kot. BB dah lama tak keluar album baru. Almost three years. And this year, they promised us good stuff. So as a new VIP, of course la aku pun excited! It's like my very first BIGBANG COMEBACK kot! Like My very first experience to witness BIGBANG's glory! Pergh!

And yes.... IT IS BIGBANG! They're NEXT! They're finally coming back with new stuff!!!! Wuhooo!! OMG. Idk why, but harini aku bangun awal. For this maybe? haha. Waited patiently, and this is what we got. More dates -.-' Kinda dissapointed sbnrnya cuz i thought at least keluar la teaser video or something. But this? Haih.. Fine. At least we know it's BIGBANG! Yayyyy! Haha.

Oh, time aku scroll TL kat twitter, aku happy gila kot. Cuz my TL was filled with VIPs! Mmg heaven gila! Like I really hate it when my TL is full with other fandom. Kalau YG Fam takpe lagi like Incles or Blackjacks but aku tak tahan bila Exodus or whatever else muncul on my TL. Tak suka sehh! Semak. Serious talk.

And oh, aku ada terbaca macam2. One of it says that "If you expect BIGBANG to drop their album today, you're so naive." Like... okay. I admit, I'm one of them. Mmg aku newbie pun so biarla *shrug*

Whatever it is, IM HAPPY and EXCITED! Really can't wait for my oppas to start slaying! 2015 is my year! Jyeahhh! haha. Being a VIP starting from Jan 2015 and getting stuff in 2015. Im so lucky! ^^


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