Aug 27, 2011

It Hurts .

hmmmm ,

i guess this will be a 'depressed' update . kalau taknak baca dipersilakan keluar .

well , apa yg hurts sgat tuu ?

first thing , im very sad n jealous seeing people update bout their "Raya's Shopping" . it seems so happy . obviously lah happy . siape yg tak happy g shopping kan ? haihhh . knpe pulak aku nk sedih n jealous ? sebab aku TAK PERGI shopping raya punnnn ! aku susah . tak macam korang semua . KAYA RAYA kann . sabar mira , sabar . ade org yg tak dpt raya langsung . Astaghfirullahalazim .

secondly , seeing 'him' happily with her new gf somehow makes me feel uneasy :'|  why oh why i have to feel like that ? he's not yours anymore mira . u're the one who 'throw' him away . now , FACE IT ! hmphhhh :'(


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