Mar 11, 2012

I'm Married to LIAM PAYNE ?

hahaha .

serious , tak caya sudahh :p

tgok ni !

haha . still can't see it ? i'll tell you .

it says ,

Once upon a time , you met LIAM and got married.
You moved to PARIS and live in a SHACK.
You eventually had 8 kids with LIAM.
You drove around in a MAROON FERRARI.
You worked as a GRAPHIC DESIGNER until the age of 65 , when you retire.

awwww , so cute :p i did it once and i got this result . Liam n I are meant to be xD JELLY MUCH ?

haha . im not that evil . here's the link so that you can have your 1D mash up too ! :D


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