Mar 1, 2012

You're 18 !

Woots !

It's My baby's 18th BIRTHDAY !!

March 1st . weeeeeee ~

I have something for you sexy beast :D

check it out .

its PURPLE  

I know im not as cute as your other beliebers , but im ME (:

hmmm , I knew you since you're 15 . and now you're 18 . how time flies . .

I dont really know what to say , but i really do love your music n YOU obviously :p

From 'One Time' to 'Baby' to 'Somebody to Love' to 'U Smile' to 'NSN' to 'Next 2 You' to 'Mistletoe' and now , 'Live My Live' . There's a lot more to mention actually . but yeahhh , I LOVE ALL SINGLE OF THEM ! I love the way you sing it in your awesome style .

Wanna know a secret ? You're the first INTERNATIONAL singer that im obsessed of . seriously . i'd do anything for you . i even spent my money to buy your concert ticket in Malaysia eventhough im not that rich . and 21st APRIL 2011 was the exactly date where i've seen you LIVE on stage . maybe its not my 'time' yet to meet you face-to-face , but heyyy , NEVER SAY NEVER ! you taught me that :D its IMPOSSIBLE for me to forget that particular date . i enjoyed my heart out . you're FREAKING awesome n hot n sexy n cute n adorable , k enough :p

I just hope that you'll stay the way you are FOREVER . i don't want KIDRAULH to change . can you ? i believe that you can justin . please , dont let your beliebers down :')

I wish you a long successfull live , good health and whatever you wish come true (:



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