May 17, 2015

BIGBANG MADE World Tour in Malaysia Ticket Launch

Woop woop!!

Finally weyy!! The time is here!!

Remember when I posted abt it when Malaysia is a confirmed venue for BB's World Tour?! Gaaaaaahhhhh today is the ticket launch! At Quill City Mall, 17th May, 11am - 5pm.

See! asdfghjkl Excited gilaaa! LOL I really don't know where to start! Kkkkkkkk.

So before everything was official, I've already made some VIP friends. Before the album was even announced, aku dah kenal dgn Kak Aty. She tegur me on twitter and we interacted a lot since then and she introduced me to Kak Anim and Maira. Kak Aty and Kak Anim dah lamaaaaa jadi VIP. Since Alive era lagi. Maira is just like me. Still new, still fresh so our excitement tu terlebih2 sikit haha.

And four of us have this Whatsapp group so mmg everyday interact through there. Ada je benda nak cerita. Seronok and eventually, I kind of became close with them. So far, dorang je lah VIPs yg aku rapat punn.

Kak Aty ngan Kak Anim mmg rajin pergi concert BB. Tak kisah lah all five of them or certain2 je like BIGBANG's Alive Tour (2012), GD's One Of A Kind Tour (2013), Then GDYBRI's Fan meeting (2014), and Taeyang's Rise Tour earlier this year haritu. So mmg dorang ada pengalaman ahhh. haha.

And when this BIGBANG's MADE World Tour in Malaysia was announced, mmg bising gila. Like all of us excited and nak pergi like crazy! So we all waited for all the details together. Then when IME finally released the concert details, we went crazy again! Hahaha.

Like imagine, IME keluarkan details on Sunday and they're doing the Ticket Launch exactly on the next Sunday so all of us have only like a week to think and decide! Perghhh luckily aku dah ready awal2. Financial-wise that is. Right after they announced the date, aku dah ready and settlekan pasal duit. I have my way and I wanna thanks that one person for believing me. Babe, without you I don't think I can smile today so THANKS! :)

K back to the story. Deciding which zone is not really that hard for me cuz I've already made up my mind and I want to go all out like, f I want to go, then it better be worth it. So yeah, I bet you can guess.

Right, deciding, done. Now purchasing pulak. HOW?! LOL, since the official ticketing agent is Ticketcharge (that I already have an account and I've dealt with them for Thriller Live), aku plan nak beli online je laa en sbb malas nak queue bagai for Ticket Launch. But then, bila aku bukak twitter, I became super INSECURE cuz guess what?! Ticket Launch on Sunday, Monday tu dah ada org start queuing kat mall like wth?!

Disebabkan group yg queue awal tu lah, semua VIPs became insecure and dorang pun nak queue sekali. And yes, each day, bertambah org queue. That first group yg queue tu mmg selalu the first to queue for any BB's concert pun.

So yeah, since org sibuk2 queue, the whole week i was like going back and forth trying to get people buy ticket for me LOL. No i mean, come on. Aku nak beli satu je kottt! Takkan nak queue semata nak beli satu? Sbb tu aku nak cari org and tumpang je since one person can purchase 8 Tickets.

Since aku tak kenal ramai VIPs, aku tanya lah Kak Aty dia beli dgn sape. Then she said she's buying with her roommate. Kak Aty and Kak Anim tak queue pun, dorang kirim je. Then when I tell her that I want to overnight and queue but got no gang, dia kenalkan aku ngan roommate dia tu pulak, Ainna. Then I started to contact Ainna and tanya dia this and that. She was very nice asking me to join her since dia pun g queue ngan kawan dia. And she said kawan dia dah queue since Tuesday. Ainna pulak start queue ganti kawan dia tu on Friday and I went there on Saturday night.

Kkkkk, since Kak Aty and Kak Anim punya Ainna yg belikan, aku pun tanyalah whether ada kosong lagi tak for me then she said dia punya dah full 8. But then luckily she said kawan dia punya still kosong satu. And I immediately suruh dia reservekan for me.

BUT! At the same time, I'm dealing with Joey, my ex classmate. Joey mmg dah lama jadi VIP. Since sekolah lagi. And dia pun rajin pergi concert and queue2 bagai ni. Joey was my first choice since I know her and all but her plan complicated sgt. Aku pernah terfikir nak cancel yg Ainna punya and just go with Joey sbb aku mmg waswas gila dgn Ainna. Tak kenal satu, pastu aku hmmm entahlah. Mmg insecure la dgn Ainna. But since Joey's plan tu comlicated sgt smpai aku pun pening like memula nak queue on Friday, pastu tak jadi sbb nk queue on Thursday then tukar Friday balik bagai lol. Tak larat aku nak layan. Because of that, aku tanya Ainna bebetul and confirmkan balik.

I was still tak sure but then tetiba Kak Aty and Kak Anim mintak my Maybank Acc sbb dorang nak bank in kat aku and expect me to pass it to Ainna. So dah sah2 lah aku mmg kena jumpa Ainna tu kan? So sbb tu laa I decided to go with Ainna Instead.

Oh but at the last minute, there's this girl from Malaysian VIPs punya group kat LINE contacted me. Iqa nama dia. She asked me bila aku nak queue cuz aku ngan dia was part of Joey's first overnight plan. Pastu dah tukar2 bagai, Iqa pun decided nak queue alone and dia ajak aku queue sekali. Iqa nak g queue Saturday morning.

Okay, bila fikir balik, kat ticket tu nnti ada queue number for concert day later. So lagi depan lagi bagus la kan? Since kawan Ainna dah beratur since Tuesday, logically they are quite in front lah kan? So tu one advantage. I still stick with Ainna but I kinda make Iqa as my back up plan xD hahaha. Im always like this. Selalu ada back up plan.

In case lah something happen to Ainna and her friends, I'll go and queue with Iqa. Dia pun beli dua tiket je pun so apa salahnya aku tumpang? LOL. Time tu dah tak kisah depan ke belakang as long I got the ticket!

So basically, that's how my week before the Ticket Launch went. Aku mmg sibuk fikir pasal tu je weyyy. Tak tenang tahu!

So then Saturday arrived. Siang tu ada kenduri so I asked my bro to send me to Quill Mall that night. Haha, tu pun aku dah cakap ngan dia few days before. Aku mmg jenis yg suka prepare awal. Ye lah, gila apa nak bagitau last minute? Kalau dia taknak? Mati aku. So that's why aku bagitau awal2 so that dia boleh fikir and prepare haha.

And semalam lepas kenduri, kemain aku tido konon nak prepare to overnight. Ye lah, aku mana pernah buat kerja2 ni doh! It's my first time and I really want to experience it. Siap packing bagai lol. Aku bawak sleeping bag kot! haha. So yeah, semalam gerak around 8:30pm. Sampai sana 9:15pm kott. Nasib baik kawasan Quill Mall tu pernah jadi site dulu time sem 3. hahaha.

So bila smpai tu, nak cari Ainna, tak tau sbb aku tak pernah jumpa dia. And meeting for the first time? That takes a lot of guts. lol. Whatsapp tak reply, aku call je lah. Then jumpa. She was at the front, near Starbucks. Awkward sikit memula tu. She was with Kak Juju and Kak Jiji. Part of the clan lah jugak. Aku sumpah tak kenal dorang2 ni. I mean, okay fine I do stalk them kat twitter hahaha. But seriously, till that night, aku still tak tau siapa kawan Ainna yg akan belikan tiket aku tu.

Then suddenly Ainna ajak teman dia balik hotel jap cuz dia nak mandi and all. And I was like. "Oh... maybe share hotel ngan kawan dia yg dah overnight lama tu kot..." And I was right. Okay firstly, situation tu sangat awkward okay! Dah lah aku baru jumpa Ainna pastu kat hotel tu ada lagi 3 org baru. Imagine that pressure. Aku sumpah duduk diam2 je main phone. Mmg tak bertegur langsung. But from there, I realized that 'kawan' Ainna tu is someone yg aku selalu stalk her 'overnight' progress. LOL. It was Imani. Serious weh, everytime aku nak tau situation org yg queue kat QM, aku selalu stalk Imani. hahaha. Tak sangka she's the one buying my Tix.

So bila dah settle bagai, Aku ngan Ainna nak g balik kat QM but kitaorg singgah Maybank dulu cuz dah alang2 jumpa Maybank. Aku nak keluarkan duit2 Kak Aty and Kak Anim and passed it to Ainna. So yeah, lepas dah settle, kitaorg balik ah tempat tadi. Tengok2 dah penuh. There was like 7 of us kat line tu. Sesak lah jugak.

Oh oh oh! And guess what?! One of them was my PRIMARY SCHOOL FRIEND! hahaha. It was Shasha! Okay honestly, masa otw nak g hotel tu, aku dah terserempak ngan dia and I was like "Eh tu macam Shasha je..." But I just let it slip and thought that dia pun queue jugak. Tapi tak sangka we were queuing together! LOL So masa duduk tu, I was like sebelah dia. Aku duduk diam2. I want to tegur her but I don't know how. But somehow, I turned and went like "Hey... you shasha kaaan?" and that's how Jejak Kasih bermula lol. She was like alaaaah, you know, muka yg terkejut tu... Haa like that laa. She was like "Oh.. Oh my god?! Mira right?! OMG lamanyaaa tak jumpa." Hahahahha lawak. I was honestly surprised that she still remember me cuz it has been 7 years kot! Kitaorg last jumpa time Darjah 6. Well, kitaorg takde la rapat pun but we were in the same circle of friends. Like when ada birthdays or whatever, kitaorg lepak la together. And her birthday la paling aku igt. Cuz that time her dad buat homemade pizzas! Hahahha. Bendalah tu paling laku. Smpai skrg aku igt. Interior rumah dia pun aku igt. Lol. We didn't really talk much sbb tak tau nak catch up apaaa. haha. So we basically just go with the flow.

It's really fun to be there honestly! Like semua VIPs were there for one simple reason. Then mmg penuh ahhh barang2 BIGBANG dorang. jealous gilaaaa T.T Baju, Selimut, Kipas, you name it. Even baju yg aku nak pun ada T.T Sumpah jealous. Ohh, when I was left alone with Ainna, we talked a lot. Banyak dia cerita. I mean, all semua pengalaman BB datang sini. Best sgt dgr. Jealous tu takyah cakap laaa. But aduhhh she told me this one story that makes me look at GD differently :( It was during the GDYBRI Fanmeeting. I don't like it laaaa. Why did you tell me that? Haihhh. Tapi mmg dia ckp Fanmeeting tu mmg the worst BB event ever organized first time by IME. Ade lah cerita dia. lol. Then she said sape yg tak pergi Taeyang's concert mmg rugi gilaa. Damn it. She said Taeyang sweet sgt and dia byk interact and it's not like concert semata. Huwaaaa bestnyaaaaa! I should've go T.T Sokay, I'll see you in TWO MONTHS! hihi.

Aku byk borak ngan Ainna je. Ngan akak2 lain tu tak sgt. So I kinda slept early but long story short, aku mmg tak boleh tido smlm. Panas satu, pastu tah kenapa. Tido sejam je. Igtkan dah lamaaa. Haram baru sejam. Pastu aku malas dah nak tido. Main phone je to pass the time. Smpai laaa pukul 5:45? Kott. Aku pergi toilet to get change and everything. Pastu bila nak masuk line balik, tengok geng2 aku tu tgh sedap tido so aku malas nak kacau. Aku just lepak sengsorang kat luar line tu sambil tunggu matahari keluar.

Pastu kononnya nak tunggu siang sikit baru pergi bank keluarkan duit aku tapi tak tahan bosan sgt. Aku gerak je around 6:30 like that. Jalan kaki from Quill Mall g Bank Islam. Like I said, nasib baik pernah jadi site. So I know the whereabouts. hahaha. Jalan sengsorang je. Watlek Watpeace. Ramai je pakcik2 polis tgh breakfast kat warung2 tepi tu. And Alhamdulillah, selamat pergi selamat balik. Bila aku balik, dorang semua baru bangun. Then Ainna ajak balik hotel again cuz dia nak siap. Fine, teman je lah.

Then bila balik QM tu, semua org dah bangun and kemas barang. Dah lah time pergi hotel aku tinggal je few of my stuff like my sleeping bag. Tengok2 Kak Jiji dah tolong kemaskan. Thanks a lot. Time tu baru pukul 9 kot, dorang dah kena Queue by number. Kitaorg punya number 53, 54, 57 and 58. So 4 org la wakil. Bapak bosan tunggu. Lama sangat. Oh, and ramai jugakkkk laaaa org wey! Ramai gilos.

Dorang bagi queue kat dalam around 10:30am. Pastu sambil2 tunggu, ada satu gang ni, buat freeshow. They danced to the songs being played. Mmg buat havoc laaa. It's kinda cool. But there's this one group yg bahan that group yg havoc tu. Like dorang mmg bahan gila2. Cakap dorang tu attention seeker and stuff. Like bising la apa laa. But guess what?!?! Bila group membahan tu dapat tiket dorang, dorang lah paling bising and over gilaa! Smpai kena interview bagai. Like omg hypocrite gila doh. Sumpah.

Whatever. But anyway, excited gila tunggu Imani and Ainna beli tiket! Hihi. Berdebar la jugak weyy. Omg. Then tak smpai 40 minutes after counter bukak, our ticket dah settle! Alhamduillah gilaaaa! Aku bersyukur gila wey dipertemukan cehhh. Dipertemukan dgn dorang. My queue number later pun nombor 66. Quite depan and time concert nnti dpat la diri dekat ngan stage B! Omg omg omg I got to see my oppas up close! Gaaaaaaaah!!! Omg hopefully my dream will come true. Asdfhgklhkasd;khdkdlgj

LOL. Hahaha okay2 chill. Oh and guess what? Based on my observations kan, mostly Malaysian punya bias are GD and Taeyang. Then maybe TOP and Seungri but Daesung sangat2 kurang. IM HAPPY FOR THAT cuz then i can have Daesungieeeee oppa all for myself!!! OMG CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIS SMILE UP CLOSEEEE!! Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT! Cepat laaaaaa 25th July!!!! My heart! oh myyyy. Yayyyy now dah boleh start countdown! Hahahaha. selama ni aku jealous gila tengok directioners countdown their concert. Now I get to do it myself! Weeeeee!!!

Ohhh and tak smpai pukul 5 tadi kan, dua zone dah SOLD OUT! Paling mahal and paling murah. LOL. Paling mahal boleh habis. Gilosss. Kaya IME xD But kesian kat those yg nak beli online. Tak sempat dah nak beli :'( Takpe, byk lagi kosong....

And here are some pictures from the Ticket Launch Event :D

Muka mintak kaki hahaha. Maaf, dia tengah berlagak tu dapat tiket awal :3

Oh one more, I really really really wanna thank these people for putting a wide smile on my face today! Ibu, for being very very very considerate and ahhh I lost that word >< Then, Shahhirah my sahabat dunia akhirat, Kak Aty for introducing me to Ainna, and of course Imani for queuing damn early and willing to help me buy my tickets with good queue number! Thanks a lot adik!

So I guess I'll see my oppas soon? Heeeeee see you very very soon Oppa!!


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