May 1, 2015



So yeah, MADE 'M' series are here!! 'M' series? Haha well, BIGBANG is coming back and their concept this time, sama macam masa dorang baru2 debut dulu. Like keluarkan few singles album, then baru full album. So MADE will start 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8 and 1/9. Yes, new album each month!

Like for May, MADE 'M' series. Then June with MADE 'A' series. July MADE 'D' series. August with MADE 'E' series and finally, September they will release MADE full album. Each month they will release 2 new songs and the full album will contain 10 more new songs that means, 18 songs in total! Woop woop!!

So yeah, tadi Loser and BaeBae punya MV baru keluar! Check it out!! Here's LOSER

How was it? My first impression was, damn! Start2 je terus keluar suara my Tabi oppa T.T Awesome gilaaaa! His singing voice is just- urgh.

Im not quite sure what the song is about honestly but it's obviously SAD. About a loser, loner? Damn maaaaaan, Tabi's scene with that girl T.T But heyyy it made me laugh seriously! The fact that the girl is half naked and he was like fully clothed from top to bottom siap dgn gloves bagai! hahahaha. I know you're saving that sexiness for me, kan oppa? *smirk*

They're all so PERFECT laaaa in that MV. My Daesungieeee oppa tsk tsk sedih dia kena pukul. My poor heart. He looks so good tho! Then the maknae! Seungri why are you doing this to meeee?! Why are you soooo damn freaking handsome with that blonde hair?! That girl ditched him for other guy like seriously? Oh and did you notice the moment where Riri tried to kiss her and she refused? I really love that part! Looks so real! Cuz Seungri's face boleh nmpk he was really disappointed. Awww oppa im here xD

Taeyangieee oppa, tak payah cakap kot? Hot as usual. SWAG all over him goshh. Oh and I gotta credit him for his vocals too! Terbaik! He even co-produced this song with Teddy. *clapclap* And Jiyong, lol idk. GD just being GD. Like a lifeless guy? He was always like that in MVs lol.

But overall I just simply love it. Their acting are quite nice? Tabi's crying scene omo. He's an actor anyway *shrug*

Right, let's move to the next one shall we? Here's BAE BAE

Ahahahaha TOTALLY DIFFERENT from Loser right? hahaha. Especially TOP! So freaking crazy! Being his Bingu self. Bingu? Well yeah, we call him 'Bingu TOP' cuz of his craziness and weirdness. But cute. I know he act that way to entertain us. He can be very serious too :) So yeah, there's this someone commented on Tabi's IG saying something like 'the two MVs are so different and that she love TOP's craziness but are they (TOP from Loser and Baebae) even the same person?' Then TOP replied saying 'Oppa is an actor.' Haha indeed.

And again, SEUNGRI is seriously trying to kill me. SO effing HOT wehhh! Aishhh tak boleh jadi ni. Kesian GD nanti kena turun takhta. Kahkah. Daesung pun hot jugak. Even you can barely see his face, he's still hot! Dah bye.

Between the two songs? I don't think i can choose. Cuz I really love Loser but I kept playing BaeBae on my mind. Cemana tu? haha.

Can't wait for moreeeee! And wehhh nak tau tak? TOP ada bagi tau aku that he'll be coming with the others to visit me this 25th JULY! woop woop! Can't wait!!


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