May 21, 2015

Hey It's Me..!



Lol okay this post saje nak story bout this really funny story. For me at least hahahaha xD

So remember when I said I bought my BIGBANG MADE tix with a friend's friend? Haha yes, that.

No actually there's this one girl kat twitter... Well yeah I followed her through my 'fan' acc. Aku mmg selalu stalk budak ni.. Idk why but suka sgt stalk dia. Tapi aku sangat sangat sangat lah tak berkenan dgn the way she tweets. She cursed a lot. Like A LOT and I hate it. Mmg dlm hati was like 'tah pape lah budak ni..'

But it turned out she was the one yg bought me my tix..! Hahahaha crazy right? I didn't know at first but I already got that feeling and betul pulak feeling tu lol.

So masa first time jumpa tu perghhh sumpah nervous gila. Aku takut kot ngan dia cuz the way she tweets tu ganas sangat. Padahal she's 2 years younger than me haha. Mmg aku senyap je all the time. But sebenarnya dia okay lah. Takde la curse sgt pun in real life. Biasa2 je. I was really thankful that I bought my tix with her cuz she queue damn early! So yeahh...

Ohhh.... kat twitter tu, aku je yg follow dia tau. She didn't follow me. Then semalam she tweeted bout this official MADE Merchandise. This one down here.

She was like "Black or White? Cepat cepat. Black or White?" indicating that she wants to buy it. Then I got this urge to reply her by saying "Ehhh I thought you can wear it both sides? 2 in 1 xD" LOL I know it's reversible cuz aku selalu usyar jacket ni. I really want it.

Pastu dia reply "Oh haha my bad... Patutlah nama dia 'reversible jacket'" Something like that. LOL. Then we went on replying each other. Look, aku mmg nak gila siaaa jacket ni! Tapi mahal gilos! RM375 weyyy T.T Almost RM400. Gilaa ahhhhhhhhh.

But then this girl told me that she hopes time concert nanti ada jual cuz usually it's way cheaper. Like boleh dapat around RM300 je. Jauh beza okay! Even still mahal but c'mon! Reversible kot! Like you get two jackets in one! I really want it but hmmmm.... we'll see..!

LOL then lepas tu I thought she wanted to end the convo but dia tanya aku "You pergi ke..?" and I was like wth...?! Hahahahaha. Aku tau dia tak kenal aku but kelakar gila siaaaa..! She was the one yg belikan my tix and she can ask me that question..! Hahahaha xD

So then I told her who I am and dia malu cuz she had no idea it was me. Sbb time Ticket Launch haritu she didn't even know my name. Kahkah. Aku tak kisah pun... But at least now she knows. And lepas tu she right away follow me back. Hahaha. So Im not invisible anymore. Really felt like Im slowly joining the VIPs family and I love it ^^

So yeah.... basically that's it! hahaha. Oh oh oh! TaeyangMY ada buat event for MADEinMalaysia later! We're gonna make a sea of BLACK WHITE RED and YELLOW during the con!! OMG I really hope this thing will work cuz It'd be so cool and the boys will definitely remember it...!

65 days and counting.....! Can't waittttt!!!!


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