Jan 11, 2012

Woiii new Guy !

jeng jeng jeng .

KASAR semacam bahasa aku kann . hahaha .

Guess what ?! This year , we have a NEWBIE in our class . 5 science 1 to be exact .wanna know how ?

here it goes .

On Tuesday , 10/1/12 masa roll-call kat tapak perhimpunan , my class teacher was walking with a not-so-familiar GUY . showing him on which line to sit . okeyy , masa dia jalan tuu , he looks kinda attractive . n taraaaa , he sat in our class' line . Time tuu aku gila excited . what ? normal lahh tuu . mmg every year , i wish for a new 'face' in my class . n there he is :p

haha . in class , he sat behind akim n zarul . kinda near to my place jugak lahh . mula2 dia senyap je . we thought he's a good guy . gedebang gedebung , tanya tu tanya ni , his name is mohd Zarith Hamizi . kot ? its a nice name but hard to remember though . Straight 8A's for PMR . wow , competition :p  haha . he's from Kulim . Kulim kat mne ? hah hah . cepat . ergghh- . Kulim kat KEDAH lah derr .  kalau dapat jawab , tah-ni-ah . *sebut mcm cikgu Arkiah . heeee .

lepas tuu , a few hours later , he's starting to be FREAKING annoying . that was what they said . smpai akim n zarul pindah tmpat sbb that new guy annoying yg teramat . guess what ? dia panggil org , "WOI" . dude , we have our own name lahh . kalau pnggil lelaki cmtu maybe ok lagi lah kann . but perempuan pun dia hentam with "WOI" . ehem -.-'

n he called shakira 'putih' . mentang2 lahh mmber aku yg sorang tuu putih melepak . putih jugak yg kau panggil kann ? i tell you what , dia tak suka kau pnggil dia tuu . kalau nak ngorat , ce try panggilan lain :p hahaha xD

k lahh , malas nk story byk2 . takde faedah punn :p


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