Jan 1, 2012

Two Thousand Twelve

Well , HeLLoOOooO NEW YEAR !

Nothing Different punn . haha ~

errr , bye bye 2011 . i WONT forget you . u ARE the BEST FREAKING YEAR in my LIFE weyh ! seriously . want me to list it all ? haha . maybe just some that i remember ;)

Things that happened to me throughout 2011 :

> First time pindah n duduk luar from USJ Subang Jaya . haha .
> First time tak pergi sekolah on the very first day . sbb baru pindah n kelam kabut sikit . mmg first n last lahh . kauu ada ? :p  read here
> First time beli CD album n pakai duit sendiri pulak tuu . CD siapa ? JUSTIN BIEBER of course ;D read here
> Pergi skolah BARU jumpa RAMAI orang baru n dapat RAMAI kawan baru (: read here
> First time Drove a car . read here
> Justin Bieber came to Malaysia for a tour . yupp , first time . read here
> First time nampak RABBIT rogol KUCING -.- ' read here
> Both of my idol are DATING , JELENA :D read here
> Got 100% for my ADDMATH . hahaha . once in a lifetime ! read here
> Had a SLEEPOVER with my friends . yeap . FIRST TIME . read here
> Fall for a KOREAN song -.-' read here
> First time joined ENGLISH DEBATE . tah mcm mne ley sangkut -.-' but we won 3rd :p thanks to my team n sir taufeeq :D read here and here
> Went for my first 3D movie . JB : Never Say Never :p it has to be BIEBER . read here
> THE BEST thing ever is , i went for JUSTIN BIEBER's concert ! woohooo ! read here
> Have my own 'brand' . bukan brand tuu . read here
> Celebrity replied me :p read here
> Dealing with dealers , ONLINE . first time and im not fooled . haha . read here
> My blog's follower hits 100 . read here
> Kena rotan oleh cikgu . first time in this secondary life :p read here
> Got a FREE NETBOOK ;D read here
> Menang hadiah for pertandingan yg aku simply msuk n dapat anugerah pembaca terbyk . haha xD read here
> Beraya ramai2 with my classmates ! tak pernah buat dohh before this :p read here
> Berjaga all night sbb NOVEL (: read here
> dapat tgok org SEMBELIH ayam ;D read here
> Met Ustaz Don . Ustaz paling AWESOME :D read here
> Aku dapat BEDAH katak n tikus putih  :D read here
> Went to an AWESOMEST class party ever . read here
> Aku start tengok match BOLA smpai habis n sokong gila HARIMAU MALAYA ! because of ? KFCM :p read here
> Experienced SNOW eventhough it's fake :p read here
> Had an awesome karaoke party ! nnti kalau rajin aku story :p
> Both my mom n lil bro was warded -.-'

WOW , that's a looooong list ! hahaha . but yeahh , its the best year ever ! for now lahh :p heee .

So , Happy New Year peeps ! hope that all of you will get what u guys have been crave for :D ape azam tahun baru korang ? heee .

Me ? aku dah FORM 5 ! weeeeee ~ tak sgt lah kannnnn . SPM ! and my azam this year is , to be a better muslimah n to get straight A's insyaAllah . and to have a jodoh . wait what ? haha . merepekkk je tuu :p

kay lahhhh . dah kul 2:30 pagi niiii . ngantokk . nite . assalamualaikum (:


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