Feb 13, 2012

Beto Responded !

weeeee ~

Assalamaualaikum peeps :D

lol , kenal beto kusyairy kannnn ? it has been my 3rd freaking post about him :p u should probably know him by now xD

fine fine . this is him .

heeee . smart dohh :D

ni semua gmbr terbaru dia . aku curi from berita harian :p heeee . nak baca ? SINI bahhh . ;)
errr , takde ape sbnrnye . aku just nak gtau that , he responded to me :p maybe not exactly to me but , its my 'post' . muhahaha xD

ni haaaaa .

what i posted on his wall .

 and what he replied !! 

heeeee ~ Anna erry tu , mmg hotstuff kat Fanpage beto . kenal sgt ngan diaaa . beto fans are UNITED :p

haha . k , tu je . buhbyeee :D


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