Feb 22, 2012

'Jual Ikan'


A - You
B - Your Close Friend
C , D , E , F - Your Close Friend's Friends ( you know them , but you guys are not close )

You're in photography club in school . the club where your passion is . you love it so much . right then , ur teacher gave a first task . you are so excited . the club members have to form a group of 6 . so then , you and B , team up with C , D , E , anf F . But F was not there on the day you guys formed the group . B is the group leader . The task is , you have to take some picture with the given theme and present it on the next meeting . and your theme is . . (whatever u want to imagine) . teacher gave you 3 weeks to finish it .

On the last week before due date , B planned to 'stay back' right after school and took some pictures . TOGETHER . but F is still not around helping . she's busy with other stuff that's more important . that is fine for you . And seriously , you are tired walking here and there taking pictures . not really you , but still , you followed your team members around and gave some idea .

So , the next plan is  . . C , D and E have to managed all the pictures . they have to choose the pics n print it out . they uses their own money . B , have to arranged the pics n decorate the 'board' . while You and F have to present it later .

You thought that F already know her 'part' and she's ready with that . the fact is , she's not ready . The whole day , bragging that she doesn't wanna present . and unfortunately , B is absent . you were all alone on the day where you have to present . remember that she has to decorate the stuff ? well , she was supposed to do it in the morning of that particular day . as i said , she's absent . so , in the morning at school , C suddenly came to you and gave you a manilacard and the pictures you guys captured together without F . you were like 'wth ? what i supposed to do with this ?' then you know that you have to take over B's part since she's absent . GREAT !

You seriously don't know how to do it . so , you just do what u feel like doing . and it sucks . too bad . but , its not that bad . and still , F keep saying that n this . you feel the same . you don't know how to present it too . but you just gonna do it . not escaping .

when the time comes , you were with C , D , E and F . you're a bit left out . then , you saw all the other team's pictures n how they present it on the manilacard . they were all AWESOME . proudly show it in front . before sitting , suddenly F left your team's 'work' behind the wall . because she was too scared to present . and , ashamed because the stuff is not as awesome as other team's one . you were all ashamed . especially you . she just left it there ."we'll tell teacher that B is absent and that thing is with B." she said . how easy . she did NOTHING .
You feel that its not right . you took it , and wanna give teacher . but then , C , D , E and F stoped you . they said , bacause its ugly . you followed what they said cuz you don't want to be seen as ' budak yg memandai ' . you sat there , quietly . dont wanna think about it anymore . but then , teacher said " where's another one ? it's supposed to be 10 . here's only 9 " she noticed . n your group is the one she's talking about . then only your group members ask you to send it . you said 'No' and asked them to send it themselves since you already offer to send it before , and they stoped you . they asked another friend to send it instead .

Guess what ? Teacher does not really want everyone to present it at all ! only the one who volunteered . no one did .


What do you feel ? blerrgghh-
im not a good story teller . but if you felt something , that is freaking what i feel .


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