Dec 16, 2012

Job Nervousa

Lol .

Job Nervousa ? sukahati je .

Dude . . Im freaking out right now . Im just so nervous about tomorrow ! ahhh ! My first time ever going to work . Is this feeling necessary ? haihh .

I don't know what's wrong but yeahh . I got butterflies in my tummy whenever im thinking bout tomorrow . uurrgghh . It's sooo annoying . Why can't i feel normal ? Whyyy ?

Hmmm . . Aku takut gila kalau semua benda aku buat tak menjadi . Like who knows kaan ? Tah2 baru first day dah kena tengking . I better get ready psycologically for that . Ya Allah , tenangkan hatiku . Permudahkanlah urusanku Ya Allah .

Harap2 tak de pape yg teruk lah yg jadi esok . Doakan aku ehh ?

You can do it Miera !!! Remember to SMILE :D


1 comment:

  1. Selamat bekerja awak!! kita pon baru je kerja. baru seminggu.hehe. Its okey.. just be your self. give them good 1st impression! you'll get there...
    All the best esok!! cheers! :)