Mar 28, 2014

Believe Movie

Weyheyyy !

Another post for today ? hahaha apedehal . Gua banyak masa ni . Tak baik buang masa kan . Hewhew :>

So yeahhhh ! Baru lepas tengok Justin Bieber's Believe Movie . hihi . This was my second time . Tu pun tak plan sbnarnya . Tadi pergi Megashare then ternampak movie ni . Terus rasa nak tengok sbb the first time i saw it was somewhere in January . Almost three months now .

Oh oh oh ! Haritu Jumaat . Lepas english class terus pergi Wangsa Walk dengan Amanda and Syuhada . Haha . They were not a belieber . Or even a fan . Aku je yang terhegeh-hegeh . LOL but they went with me tho . And guess what ? Lepas habis je movie tu , dorang terus transform . Manda went to search all of his MVs and songs . Then Syuhada asked me if I have JB's songs cuz she wants it . Like hello ? Look who you're talking too . Of course lah ade . Duhh ~ HAHA . Oh guess what ? Masa kitaorg pergi tengok tu , sumpah takde orang ! OMG hahaha . There's this a couple of school girls . Then a guy . That's it ! Just the six of us dalam hall tu . hahaha . Maybe cuz baru tayang lagipun pagi kot time tu . School days pulak tu . hehe .

But honestly , the movie was super extremely AWESOME ! Cool sesangat . Because i got to feel the Believe concert's environment . Ye lah , kali ni dia tak singgah Malaysia . Masa My World dulu ade . And obviously I went ! Super crazy that time . You can read my experience here tho ;)

Believe was so full of emotions . I cried weyy . In the theater and even in my room a moment ago . The entrance was like super cool cuz he flown down the stage with a freaking large wings made up of instruments he played like guitars , keyboards , drums and stuff . It was so cool ! And the screams ! omg . It feels like im there at the concert . Hihi . Im kinda use to the 'loudness' so it doesn't really bother me .

The movie lebih kurang macam Never Say Never . But for a different tour and lotsa different stories . He's all grown up . My little boy has become a man now :'| But a very hot man i tell ya . haha :p

My favourite part of the movie is . . . um . . i love every single part honestly but there's a few that i can't get over with . First , um . . the 'Die In Your Arm' part . OMG soooooo cool . I mean , it's so old school and I love it a lot . Oh lepas tu , part 'As Long As You Love Me' ! The very last part where he sang without music and the crowd sang along with him . Omg the best part ever ! Then , part where he sang 'One Less Lonely Girl' . I've mentioned quite a lot of time that I really love the OLLG part even from My World because he will have this one lucky girl on stage with him and he'll sang to her . But in Believe , that song was dedicated to Avallana , a special little girl who meant so much to him . . . And she passed away . And Justin was so emotional . And the first concert after her death , he sang OLLG to her . There's a video of her on the big screen and he sang to the screen :'( OMG so emotional weyyy . Hmmm . . . Then , I love the part where he ran from the paps for 'She Don't Like The Lights' . He wore a suit and tie . Tell you what , he looks super HAWT with that outfit ! My fav ^^

Tapi mmg sumpah best ! Korang kena tengok ! Pergi lah cari kat mana2 . haha . I just hope that Justin will keep on collecting success and reach his dreams . He made us believe . Seriously weyy , he taught me something that I hold till now . Which is . . ?

'NEVER SAY NEVER' . I hold on to that words pretty tight you see . Seriously , and it works for me . Quite a lot of time lah jugak . Like everytime i want something , or i want to achieve something , i'll look back to those words and somehow , I got what I want . Yeahh , he taught me to believe . We can get everything we want if we just believe :')

So yeahh , here are some photos of us three masa tengok kat theater dulu . Hihi ^^

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