Mar 30, 2014

Heal The World

Assalamualaikum . Hye we meet again !

Heh . Well as you know , Im in my sem break right now . You don't ? Well you do now . lol

So I've been spending these few early days fangirling over the King Of Pop . Who ? Michael Jackson . Duhh ~ -.-'  So yeahh . Earlier today I just added 37 more of his songs into my collection and Im loving it ! ^.^' haha . Then later I re-watched This Is It . Im not sure if you know what it is but it's kind of a 'concert' documentary just like 'Never Say Never' and 'Believe' by Justin Bieber and 'This Is Us' by the One Direction boys .

If you haven't watch any of it , then your life SUCKS . Im being honest here because it's super AWESOME okay ? It's the only chance to experience their concert . But This Is It is a special case tho . It just show some footage from rehearsals since Michael didn't get to perform for his come back . He breathed for the last time just 8 days before he fly to London for the full-dressed rehearsals . Very sad right ? Super sad :/ But yeah , I don't want to talk about the movie tho . If you wanna know more , you just have to go and watch it yourself .

Well . . . If you are aware enough , the world is dying . I mean , the earth is somehow sick . With the global warming , the unstable weather , the pollution all around the world and stuff like that . Very very sad, alright . You ask me why ? Ha . Because of US of course ! It's all our fault . Ours ! From the biggest thing like demolishing the forest without control for development to the smallest thing like littering DO affect the world now today . Don't doubt that okay . I know you did throw your sweets' wrappers or your tissues everywhere but the dustbin . So you're one of them who's responsible for the hot weather ! Even myself , I admit . But at least Im teaching my family and I to not litter and throwing trash out of the car's window .

And the saddest thing is . . . MJ's gone . Why I said so ? Because he's the ONLY artist who would write songs and sing about the nature, how to make the world a better place, how to make a change and how to love each other . Not just about loving him or loving her like artists nowadays would . So since he's gone , there's no one else would do all that stuff anymore . No one will ever open up our eyes and make us realize about the problems we're making through music . He has a huge influence on the world you see , so it's kind of important for him to make a change .

Plus , he really do love the planet . He loved nature , animals , everything . His songs such as Heal The World , Earth Song , We Are The World and They Don't Care About Us really have a BIG meaning . You just gotta feel it . I don't know if you've seen this . But you won't die if you do tho . Just please watch it ? For the future . For us .

So . . . any difference now ? Do you feel guilty ? Anything ? You do ? Good . Now we can start to make a change . Let's start with ourselves :')

Oh , this was something that Michael said in This Is It . . He really got the point tho .

Love him for that , and love him for him too , of course ! I miss him a lot maaaaan :'(

Ummm . . . Those are from 'They Don't Care About Us' video . I . . . I found him VERY EXTREMELY SUPERIOUSLY HOT in it ! kbye


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