Mar 19, 2014

The Cullen Clan

Wey heyyy !

Asslamualaikum hihi .

Guess what people ?!?!?!?!?! My exam is OVER ! OMG like woohooooo absolute FREEDOM weyyy ! hahaha . Lega gilaaaaaa sem 2 dah habis . Wowww , that's fast . Hmmmm cepatnyaaaa T.T nak masuk sem 3 dah . Pastu nak dapat junior dah ? Like whaaat ? I AM A JUNIOR still !

Anyway , memandangkan dah takde kerja ni kan , movie spam ah wey ape lagi hahaha . Sbnarnya aku dah start watching this Twilight series since few days before this lagi . Hihi . Dah khatam semua dah , saje nak tengok balik . mengimbau memori lol .

So yeah , tengok from Twilight , New Moon , Eclipse , Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Breaking Dawn Part 2 . Sumpah best ! I mean , Like tengok berderet kott , best ah ! Kalau tak , dulu kena tunggu lama tau ! Lepas habis satu , kena tunggu setahun or dua baru keluar sambungan dia . Ni , dapat tengok terus ! Best ah . hehe .

So yeahhhh , touching sesangat ! Cuz why ? Cuz so many emotions ah weyy . Aku dah lah follow benda alah ni like since the first movie lagi :> Bila dah smpai ending , sumpah emosi nak mati haha . Cuz like dah lah last2 tu dia replay memori from twilight and the others tu . Perghh , seksa . LOL .

Aku malas nak cerita bebanyak cuz before this aku dah pernah cerita pun . So today aku just nak cerita pasal character dia je . Mostly the Cullens . Why ? Cuz they're AWESOME ? lol .

Who's The Cullens ? You're kidding me right ? Don't tell me you don't know who the cullen is ?!

Fav Scene !
There . Familiar now ? Hottest and coolest Vampire Clan ever ! The CULLENS ! *cheers* haha . As we all know , family ni dibina by Dr. Carlisle Cullen who is a 'good' vampire . Dia yang jumpa ahli2 lain and jadikan dorang family a.k.a anak angkat ? Yeah , and Esme as his wife . A happy family ! naww . Ohh , and we also know that they're together ' together' right ? Like couple kind of thing . Carlisle and Esme , Emmett and Rosalie , Jasper and Alice . Then Edward  with Bella and have a half-vampire-half-human daughter , Renesmee Cullen . K penat . haha .

Well , most of the people I know , they're #TeamEdward . Which is good cuz im obviously #TeamJacob ! Since the very begining haha ! Idk , Edward IS sweet and stuff but Im attracted to Jacob . Not because of his 'shirtless' hotness . Well , it is somehow but his 'character' and attitude and the way he never stop trying to get Bella is just . . . something . Sweet actually . I love it . A lot . But that doesn't mean that I don't like the cullens . In fact , I LOVE THEM ! like a lot too , yeah . haha . And my favourite Cullen ? It HAS to be Carlisle . ngeeee . Don't ask me why . Just look at him *drools*

Super hot right ? Im aware that he's a bit older but y'know , I have this thing for older guy lol . For example , Johnny Depp ! And that guy up there too ! hehe :> They're so matured and hot ? and sexy ? Ok I should stop now . 

Naww , The mummy and daddy ^^

Carlisle + Esme

God , the way he looked at her ! *mesmerized*

Here's Alice and Jasper :D

The cutest couple I can say !

Jasper's like 'mysteriously' HOT . yes .

Naww :')

Rosalie and Emmett !

She's super pretty . Like 'pretty' pretty . And he's super hot . Like 'hot' hot . LOL . And super GEDANG too ! 

So yeahhh , that's the couple basically . And here comes the Hero and Heroine !

Haha , sadly I only have two of them lol . But yeah , sape tak kenal dorang ? 'Hottest Couple' and what not . But it's so sweet seriously . I mean , Edward have been waiting for Bella for like thousand years . haha . She's lucky tho . Really lucky . But guess what ? Since im in #TeamJacob , I prefer Jacob more of course :3

Super sweet T.T

Perfect !

Fav :D

Whyyyyyyy so hot ?!

Hehe . There's nothing I can do , mate . It will always be Jacob . My obsession with him was quite something . With Taylor Lautner to be exact . LOL . I mean , there was this one day , when I used a picture of him as a wallpaper on my phone , my grandma thought he's my boyfriend hahahaha ! Aku iya kan ajeeee lol . Then , I named my cat as Jacob ! Because he's orange and Jacob's wolf figure is also kinda orange . 'Browny' Orange . K now I miss MY Jacob back home :/

Right , Don't let me start with the Quileute's Wolfpack . Just don't . haha

Okay , clothes on . Good doggy . lol !

Seth and Leah Clearwater . Seth is soooo cute . The youngest in the pack , yeah .

Sam and his pack . Suka tengok these wolves in action :D

And I super love this view ! When the vampires and the wolves unites :D
And here are some of the scenes from the series :)

Jasper's posture is something . He sits so upright ! But soooo 'manly' tho ;)

Jacob when he got the wedding invitation . Pitty boyy :(

Ohhh this is the "If you kill her, you kill me." part ! Hihi .

Ahhh ! This is from eclipse . Where the wolves and the cullens get some training to fight the 'newborns' . Jasper on control :D

The Volturi . Puihh . Hate them !

Right , this was Jasper when Bella got a paper-cut . He can't control himself cuz he's kinda new to the 'Cullen's Way'

Family portrait ? Beautiful :')

Ohhh ! Nessie ! Forgot bout her lol . So yeah , Jacob imprinted on her and bla bla bla 

"A friend , A brother and A Protector."

So i guess that's it ? Penat laaaaa cerita bebanyak ! lol . So lepas ni nak habiskan POTC , then Harry Potter ! Woots :D


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