Mar 28, 2014

Special Entry #9 : Michael Jackson

Heyya !

Woahh , lama gilaaa aku tak buat special entry ! Almost a year weyy . haha . Sorry laaa . I takde masa uolls . Tapi sekarang ade banyaaaak masa . So im gonna do one today . Hehe .

Who's the lucky person ? Well , of course korang dah tau cuz jelas2 kat title tu . haha .

Michael Joseph Jackson . The King Of Pop ! Sape tak kenal weyyy ? Omg teruk lah kalau tak kenal -.-' But bebudak lepas ni mesti dah tak kenal cuz he's gone now . For almost 5 years . 5 FREAKING years ?! cepat nya T.T

He's a LEGEND wey ! A true legend . He'll be remembered for his musics and stuff he did . Well yeah , im in the mood of 'Michael Jackson' right now . Masa final haritu tetiba g iTunes then search about him and dengar his songs . Preview je . Tak puas langsung . Lepastu aku tak sabar nak balik because there's a folder of him kat netbook aku kat rumah . Mmg penuh dgn lagu dia . Haha .

What ? Pelik ? Tak langsung . Aku mmg kumpul lagu2 dia dulu . Well , masa awal2 'kematian' dia around 2009, 2010 like that . Used to be obsessed . I know quite a lot bout him and his life and everything . hihi . Hari2 dengar lagu dia , tengok performance dia kat youtube . Semua lah . haha . From there , bermulalah kerjaya aku as a fangirl . lol .  After a while , beralih ke JB pulak . The 'Prince Of Pop' . Hihi . And now , the 1D boys . Penat jugak sbnrnya . But it makes me happy . So let me be .

Michael was a great great great performer . He was so energetic and he loved music a lot . Lagipun he was a music genius ! Talented gilaa . Well , dengar sendiri lah lagu2 dia . Semua best . He sang the songs with his heart . Lepastu , lagu dia semua ade meaning . He sang to deliver . For example , banyak lagu dia that telling us to change the world . Like prevent all the pollution and stuff . Then , love each other bagai . Mmg banyak lah massage that he tried to tell us . And now , usaha tu diteruskan oleh anak perempuan dia , Paris Jackson . She did the same thing .

I missed him a lot to be honest . Even sekarang ni pun aku tengah dengar lagu2 dia . Playing his playlist over and over again :/ Oh , semalam aku ade tengok this documentary about how he died . Well , tak plan pun nak tengok . Dah lah kat phone . But it was worth it tho . Discovered a few stuff . Oh , he died because of excessive use of 'drug' . Kesian sangat . I mean , he took all the drugs to help himself . C'mon lah . He was 50 when he died . And masa tu tengah busy rehearsal for his 'come back' tour . I bet dia penat sangat . He suffered insomnia and he had to take drugs to help him sleep . He was with his personal doctor that time . But the doctor was accused for killing the king of pop . Well , case tu dah settle pun . Mmg Dr Conrad Murray tu bersalah because dia bagi MJ guna those 'drugs' but takde penyeliaan yang penuh . Dalam mansion tu takde langsung machine for medical's purpose . So , he was jailed for 4 years .

But yeah , MJ did faced a lot of problems . He tried to hide it from public . Mmg kita tak tau ape yang berlaku dlm hidup dia pun en . Only god knows .

Well , that's it i guess . I really hope that his legacy will live forever . All his signature gestures and dances . The moonwalk ! I still failed . haha .

We miss you , Michael . We really do .


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