May 14, 2013

Louis Is Having A Hard Time

Baca tajuk je, mesti korang bosan kan ?

Tak habis2 ngan One Direction . Dah boleh jadi fangirling punya blog . LOL .

But anyways, im in a bad mood now . I mean , Louis tweeted this :

@Louis_Tomlinson : Loving the European tour :) not feeling very well today though   11/5/13 17:57
@Louis_Tomlinson : Still feel shit :( so annoying !  12/05/2013 20:40

How can i be happy when he's sick ? Pretty much , no . I feel bad for him , seriously . I love him . Loving him means i care for him . And honestly , if i can take away those pain , i will . I can't bare looking at him like that . Watch this and you'll know .

See , sedih gila tengok dia batuk2 cmtu :'( Kesiaaaaan doh . I feel like crying . I wanna hug him and tell that he's gonna be alright . But I know , he have millions of other girls that would do the same thing .

But in a way , IM PROUD of him . batuk2 cmtu pun , he still sang his heart out . Dia buat sebaik mungkin . And he did a great job ! Even Louis was proud of himself bila dia habis solo dia . That 'satisfied smile' masa Niall pandang dia after his solos tu mmg precious gila . Im proud of you Louis !

Get well soon boo and I Love You !


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