May 16, 2013


Pergghhhh !

Kecoh gila kat twitter pasal benda tu .

Few days before , the lads tweeted that there'll be a huge announcement . Dorang tweet tu hari Ahad kot . So we were counting down the days smpai hari ni . Obviously aku excited gila baboon ! Excited + nervous + happy + curious . Semua benda lah . But aku mmg tak expect apa2 . I mean , aku takdelah teka what it'll be .

But today , kul 7 lebih tadi , aku dah excited gila tunggu ape yg besar sgt tu . Tgok2 , they're gonna do MORE tour in 2014 ! This time , STADIUM TOUR ! Which is massive ! hehe . Tahun depan tu babe ! Tahun depan punya tour dah announce tahun ni ! Tahun ni punya Take Me Home tour pun tak habis lagi , dah prepare for the next album's tour that's not even out yet . Gila gempak . haha . Im proud oh my boys ! So , it's called 'WHERE WE ARE' tour ! That means , their new album that's coming out the end of this year gonna be called Where We Are ! weeeeeeeeeee ~  New songs coming ! Can't wait :D

So yeahhhh , dorang baru announced few dates . For UK , Ireland and Latin America . Directioners lain semua dah gelabah like "Our country is not in the list" kind of shit . Well , memula aku pun bengang . I mean ,  kenapa sikit sangat dates ?! Rupa-rupanya , dorang tak announce habis . It looks like they're gonna make us wait . . . again -.-' Niall said the other dates will be announced over the year ! like urgh , kena tunggu lagi -.-'

Im praying MALAYSIA will be one of their stop ! Like seriously , Justin Bieber , FIRST TOUR je dah smpai Malaysia , which I went :p Ni , One Direction , nak masuk THIRD TOUR still tak confirm datang ke tak :'(  YOU BOYS BETTER COME , I TELL YOU ! IT'S AN ORDER YOU PEASANTS ! haha .

Kalau dorang confirm datang pun , macam aku boleh pergi je :'( haihh , we won't know our future kan ? Go with the flow je lah .

Gonna wait for you , lads .


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