May 24, 2013

Nothing's Fine , Im Torn

*If you're using headphone , just wanna warn you that you'll suffer a bleeding ear due to screaming fans :p

I just . . . urghh . . That's basically my FAVOURITE performance of the boys . Seriously . It's beyond perfection !

All of them have their solos . I mean , even it's not their originals but we can clearly hear their voices . Each one of them . And it's beautiful .

Especially LOUIS' . Can't get enough of his voice :') It's very soothing . Yeah , it's husky but that's what i love bout his voice . Why don't chu come on over , vaLOUIS ? hehe .

And BAM ! When Liam started to sing TORN , it tore me apart . Emo gila whenever dorang nyanyi torn . I mean , that's the first song the boys sang together ! Emo aaah ! Best pulak tu dorang nyanyi . Even better than the original .

So for conclusion , hypothesis is accepted . This is my favourite performance of them . HAHA xD


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