May 27, 2013

One Direction Bromances

Heyya peeps ! Im backkkkk :p

Baca tittle pun dah tau kan ? hahaha xD

Harry | Liam | Niall | Zayn | Louis

Taraaaaaaa ! :p

Hehe . Anyway , have you all wonder what happen if these beautiful boys' faces being morph together ? Memandangkan aku bosan gila hari ni , sesaje singgah . hehe . lepas tu takde kerja , aku morph ah muka dorang :p

If you're a true directioner , korang mesti tau semua bromance dorang . I mean , it's sooo sweet okaaay . BROMANCE , not ROMANCE ! they're not gay ! It's just a brotherly love . Sweet gila :')

Here , I made it easier for you :p

Seeeee . Sweet kan ? My favourite bromance is Lilo ! god , they're super sweet . LOL tah berapa kali dah aku ulang perkataan tu . Words can't descibe lah . They're both my fav and I just love them . Kalau korang search video LILO bromance kat youtube , perghh . SWEET gila ! haha xD

But one thing I hate bout this bromance thingy is . . . some people really thought it's a romance -.-' Larry is pretty obvious . These 'Larry' shippers seriously thought that Louis and Harry are gay . Like seriously ?! Hell no ! The way Louis treated Harry is not more than bestfriends . Sweet gila bromance dorang . Oh god , i need to stop before i end up writing 'sweet' the whole post .

So yeahhh , enjoy this morphed faces of them ! :D

Quite hot kaaaaan ?! I just dont know what else to say . Actually tahun lepas ade je aku buat benda ni . Tapi lama punya lah . Sbb tu aku buat baru . hehe .

Oh oh oh ! Tak habis lagi . . What if all of their faces morphed into one ? *GASP :'O

Dayummmm . hahaha . Imagine if there is a real 'ZayLouLiHarNi' ? hotstuff tuu :p


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